Form CV-191 Affidavit - Maine

Form CV-191 Affidavit - Maine

What Is Form CV-191?

This is a legal form that was released by the State of Maine Judicial Branch - a government authority operating within Maine. As of today, no separate filing guidelines for the form are provided by the issuing department.


Q: What is CV-191 Affidavit?A: CV-191 Affidavit is a form used in the state of Maine.

Q: What is the purpose of CV-191 Affidavit?A: CV-191 Affidavit is used to certify the residency status of an individual in order to meet certain legal requirements.

Q: Who needs to fill out CV-191 Affidavit?A: Anyone who needs to prove their residency status in the state of Maine may need to fill out CV-191 Affidavit.

Q: What information is required on CV-191 Affidavit?A: CV-191 Affidavit requires information such as the individual's name, address, length of residency, and other relevant details.

Q: Can CV-191 Affidavit be notarized?A: Yes, CV-191 Affidavit can be notarized if required. It is advisable to check the specific instructions and requirements provided with the form.


Form Details:

  • Released on November 1, 2013;
  • The latest edition provided by the State of Maine Judicial Branch;
  • Easy to use and ready to print;
  • Quick to customize;
  • Compatible with most PDF-viewing applications;
  • Fill out the form in our online filing application.

Download a fillable version of Form CV-191 by clicking the link below{class="scroll_to"} or browse more documents and templates provided by the State of Maine Judicial Branch.

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