Form ITD 3738 Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale - Idaho

What Is Form ITD 3738 (Bill of Sale)?

Form ITD 3738 - also known as the Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale - is a form used when selling a motor vehicle, trailer, or boat. It is a legal document issued by the Idaho Department of Transportation and is required for registering and operating a vehicle legally. The form was revised in October 2017. If you are selling a vehicle in Idaho and need a bill of sale, you download the form through the link below.

An Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale must meet certain requirements in order to be valid. It must include the full legal name of the buyer and the seller, their driver's license number, legal addresses, contact details, and their signatures.


Download Form ITD 3738 Vehicle/Boat Bill of Sale - Idaho

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Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale Requirements

  1. The document must clearly identify the personal property that is being sold, stating the vehicle model, year of manufacture, make, vehicle identification number, and the title number. If the item being sold is a boat, it is important that you add the Hull ID. A more detailed description must also be specified, such as its dimensions, weight, color, body type, and if it is new or used. You must also indicate if the vehicle, boat, or trailer is rebuilt salvage, previous brand, reconstructed, repaired, or otherwise different from new. The odometer reading is required to be stated, too.
  2. As in any other bill of sale, the selling price and sale date are also mandatory. You may also specify the method and terms of payment. You should also make sure not to omit the contact details of the lienholder.
  3. The Idaho Vehicle Bill of Sale must also include a paragraph where the seller ratifies selling the vehicle for the price mentioned in the form, certifies that the odometer reading is accurate to the best of their knowledge, and confirms having disclosed all known brands associated with the vehicle. In addition, the seller must agree to give a release of liability statement to the buyer within five days of the delivery.
  4. When the seller signs the form, they are stating that they understand that they could be charged with a felony if any information listed on the form is false. When the buyer signs the form, they are stating that they are aware of the current condition of the vehicle, and they agree to apply for a title within 30 days.
  5. The buyer must register the vehicle with the local county assessor at an Idaho Transportation Department office within 30 days, or they can no longer legally operate the vehicle on public roadways and will be charged with a penalty. Sold boats must be registered within the first 15 days with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.