Form TDMV22A Report of Sale or Transfer of a Non-titled Motor Vehicle - New Hampshire

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Form TDMV22A Report of Sale or Transfer of a Non-titled Motor Vehicle - New Hampshire

What Is Form TDMV 22A?

Form TDMV 22A, Report of Sale or Transfer of a Non-Titled Motor Vehicle is a legal document that records specific information with regard to the seller, purchaser, and the vehicle being sold and bought. Being one of the crucial documents that make the transaction legal and recognizable by courts, Form TDMV 22A shows the agreement of the parties and protects them from any potential disagreements in the future.

Alternate Names:

  • New Hampshire Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • New Hampshire Car Bill of Sale.

This form was released by the Division of Motor Vehicles of the New Hampshire Department of Safety . The latest version of the form was issued on December 1, 2017 , with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable New Hampshire Vehicle Bill of Sale form through the link below.

Does a Vehicle Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in New Hampshire?

Form TDMV 22A is a state-issued legal form and does not need to be notarized to be valid.


How to Sell Car in New Hampshire?

To sell any vehicle in New Hampshire, the owner has to do the following:

  1. Inspect the car market. The first step is always to determine the effort you need to make in order to sell your vehicle.
  2. Discover what documents are required to collect before the sale can be made. Traditionally, the documentation includes the Bill of Sale, certificate of title, affidavit of ownership, warranty cards, and maintenance records.
  3. Clean the vehicle, make any repairs if necessary. After that, you may determine the price. Advertise the car properly on the chosen venue.
  4. When you get a response from a prospective buyer, you can set up a meeting where you negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale.
  5. Sign the Bill of Sale. You should prepare copies - the seller has a copy for the recordkeeping, and the buyer gets the original document. The seller signs over the title to the purchaser who also receives all vehicle records and documents with the car keys.

Once the sale is finalized, the purchaser becomes the new owner of the vehicle. The State of New Hampshire gives the buyer twenty days to register the car with the Town Clerk's Office.

New Hampshire Vehicle Bill of Sale Requirements

You can use Form TDMV 22A or create your own Bill of Sale, as long as it provides certain information on the transaction:

  • Description of the car. State its model year, make of vehicle, body type, vehicle identification number, year of manufacture, model, color, number of cylinders;
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement. The seller has to write down the odometer reading. If it exceeds mechanical limits or the odometer discrepancy occurred, it must be stated in the papers;
  • Seller's signature, name, address, and the date of the transaction;
  • Buyer's acknowledgment of the odometer certification. The purchaser also has to disclose personal and location information, and date the form.

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