Free New Hampshire Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

Does New Hampshire Require a Bill of Sale?

A New Hampshire Bill of Sale is a typed or handwritten document that is designed to record the legitimate agreement and transaction between a seller and a buyer. New Hampshire Bills of Sale are used to state that the property is being sold in its current condition ("as is"), it has no given or implied warranties attached to it, and from now on it belongs to the buyer who becomes the legal owner of the item.

  1. Generic Bill of Sale is a certificate that proves the transfer of any type of property.
  2. Vehicle Bill of Sale, or Form TDMV 22A, is a legal form that records in full detail the transfer of any motorized vehicle from the seller to the buyer.
  3. Boat Bill of Sale is a document that proves the sale and purchase of the vessel. It provides the description of the boat and the proof that the watercraft had a change of ownership.
  4. Gun Bill of Sale is a document that describes the details of the legal sale, purchase, and trade of any handgun.

The State of New Hampshire has issued only one official bill of sale - for the sale and purchase of vehicles. You may use it at your discretion or create your own form if you follow state requirements that apply to other types of property as well.

Do You Need a Bill of Sale in New Hampshire?

A bill of sale is an important part of any transaction because it shows the transfer of an item from one individual (or company) to another. It verifies the purchase and identifies the purchaser as the legal owner of the property. Also, it releases the seller from any responsibility for the goods in the future and gives protection to both parties from potential disputes, so make sure you pay attention to drafting the agreement at the time of sale.

To become valid and recognized by courts of law, a Bill of Sale in New Hampshire should include the details listed below:

  1. Seller and buyer's personal details. State their names and mailing addresses. Additionally, you may use the driver's license numbers;
  2. Date of the transaction and the location where the deal takes place;
  3. Sum of money paid and the payment method that the parties chose to use;
  4. Description of the item. You should list its serial number, identification number, color, size, model, make, design, customizations, and distinctive features to make identification easier and avoid possible disagreements in the future;
  5. Signatures of the parties. It is also allowed to hire legal representatives who, via proxy, will sign their names and credentials making your New Hampshire Bill of Sale legally binding.



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This form was issued by the New Hampshire Department of Safety. It is a legal document that establishes the details of the legal sale and purchase of a vehicle in New Hampshire. It also provides the essential information about the car, the terms and conditions of sale.

This form is used to document information about the sale of various items (e.g., electronics, furniture, livestock, and others). New Hampshire does not possess any official forms you can use in this case, but you are welcome to use our template.

This is the official form you must complete when selling or buying a boat in the state of New Hampshire. It contains important information about the seller, the buyer, and the boat you purchase, as well as the details of the transaction.

Download this template when you sell or buy a firearm so you may document the fact of the gun transfer. This form normally contains information for easy identification of the seller, the buyer, and the sold firearm.

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