Form DMV-7-TR "Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Boat" - West Virginia

West Virginia DMV Bill of Sale (Form DMV-7-TR)

Form DMV-7-TR, Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Trailer, or Boat, is a form used to document the sale and purchase of vehicles and vessels within the state. The form was released by the West Virginia Department of Transportation on December 1, 2016. A fillable version of Form DMV-7-TR is available for download through the link below.

Alternate Names:

  • West Virginia Vehicle Bill of Sale;
  • West Virginia Boat Bill of Sale.

A West Virginia DMV Bill of Sale protects both buyers and sellers and serves to prevent any future discord from arising between the parties. The form will only document the fact of the transaction; the ownership will not be transferred to the buyer until they apply and get granted a Certificate of Title.


How to Sell a Vehicle in West Virginia?

  1. Determine the price of your car. Look your car up on online marketplaces to get an estimate of its value.
  2. Advertise your car to potential buyers.
  3. Once you've agreed on a price, decide on a time to go through with the sale. Get hold of your car's title.
  4. Complete Form DMV-TM-1, Odometer Disclosure Statement on the date of the sale. This government-released form is required for all motor vehicle sales within the state of West Virginia.
  5. Fill out Form DMV-7-TR and bring it to a notary public to have it certified.

Registering a Vehicle in West Virginia

If the vehicle was purchased from a certified West Virginia dealership, the seller is legally required to take care of all registration and title work for the buyer. The buyer is personally responsible for titling and registering their newly-purchased vehicle with the state in the following cases:

  1. If the car was purchased from a private seller; or
  2. If the car was purchased out of state for the purposes of being operated on West Virginia roads.

The paperwork needed to register a vehicle with the West Virginia Department of Transportation includes the following:

  1. The title signed over by the previous owner of the vehicle.
  2. Form DMV-1-TR, Application for Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle.
  3. A completed, signed, and notarized Form DMV-7-TR.
  4. Form DMV-TM-1 completed by the seller on the date of the transaction.
  5. Proof of insurance.
  6. The owner's ID and proof of residency.
  7. Proof that all required fees and taxes had been paid.

Does a Car Bill of Sale Have to Be Notarized in West Virginia?

Yes, West Virginia does require a notary public's certification when conducting vehicle or watercraft sales. The form must be completed by the seller and buyer in its entirety before being witnessed before a notary public. This can save potential trouble which might occur should the seller or buyer contest the transaction at a later date.

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