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The News and Information Publication of The Society of Rheology
Volume 83 Number 2 July 2014
- Rheology of ... Cats?
- Open Access Explained
- Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
- 2014 Society Awards
The News and Information Publication of The Society of Rheology
Volume 83 Number 2 July 2014
- Rheology of ... Cats?
- Open Access Explained
- Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
- 2014 Society Awards
Table of Contents
A Letter from SOR President McKenna
2014 Bingham Award goes to Norman Wagner
Greg McKenna
2014 Metzner Early Career Award:
Vice President
Randy H. Ewoldt
Gareth H. McKinley
Open Access and Electronic Publishing
Albert Co
by Gareth McKinley and Faith Morrison
Annual Meeting of the SOR
Montgomery T. Shaw
Come to Philadelphia
Short Courses in Philadelphia:
Ralph H. Colby
Suspensions; Food Rheology
On the Rheology of Cats
A. Jeffrey Giacomin
by M. A. Fardin
Notable Passings: Bernstein, Brenner
Shelley Anna
Dimitris Vlassopoulos
Society News/Business
Norman J. Wagner
News, Travel Grants, ExCom minutes,
Treasurer’s report
Events Calendar
On the cover.
Digital video strobe-imaging provides a comparison of near
and far field flows in an atomized spray jet for water (left column) and PEO/water (right
column) (Photo by Bavand Keshavarz and Gareth McKinley from the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology). Essentially, the near field is almost unchanged, but the far field (where time
scales are fast and length scales are small) is dramatically modified with beads on strings, etc.
See page 27 for the rheological details.
The Rheology Bulletin is the news and information
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Rheology Bulletin, 83(2) July 2014
Metzner Award Committee
Membership Committee (2013-2015)
Roger Bonnecaze (2013-2016)
Gordon Christopher
Victor Breedveld (2012-2015)
Cari Dutcher
Morton Denn (2013-2016)
Jason Maxey, chair
Ole Hassager (2011-2014)
Charles Schroeder
Nina Shapley, chair (2012-2015)
Kelly Schultz
Patrick Spicer
Meetings Policy Committee
Andrew M. Kraynik, co-chair
Education Committee (2013-2015)
Gareth McKinley, co-chair (VP)
Michael Boehm
Albert Co (Secretary)
Chris Dimitriou
Michael Mackay (2014 Local)
Marie-Claude Heuzey
Amy Shen (2014 Program)
Jonathan P. Rothstein, chair
Maryam Sepehr (2014 Program)
Maryam Sepehr
Kalman Migler (2015 Local)
Patrick Spicer
Rajesh Khare (2015 Program)
Susan Muller (2015 Program)
Bingham Award Committee
Lynden Archer (2013-2016)
Nominating Committee (2013-2015)
Michael Graham (2011-2014)
Anne Grillet, chair
Savvas Hatzikiriakos (2011-2014)
David Venerus
Marie-Claude Heuzey (2013-2016)
Jan Vermant
Jay Schieber (2012-2015)
Jan Vermant, chair (2011-2014)
Journal Publication Award Committee (2014)
Lynn Walker (2012-2015)
Shelley Anna
Ralph Colby, chair
Dimitris Vlassopoulos
Roseanna Zia
Ad hoc Committee on Awards (2013-2015)
Ad hoc Committee on Electronic Publishing
Gerald G. Fuller, chair
and Open Access Policies (2013-2015)
Faith Morrison
Ralph Colby (ex officio)
Eric Shaqfeh
Jeffrey Giacomin (ex officio)
Gareth H. McKinley, chair
Ad hoc Committee on ICR (2013-2015)
Tom McLeish
Gerald G. Fuller, chair
Faith A. Morrison
Andrew M. Kraynik
Roseanna Zia
João Maia
Webmaster (2013-2015)
Albert Co
Editor, Rheology Bulletin (2013-2015)
Faith A. Morrison
Associate Editor for Business, Journal of Rheology (2013-2015)
A. Jeffrey Giacomin
Director, International Outreach Program (2013-2015)
Gerald G. Fuller
Student Travel Grants Coordinator (2013-2015)
Norman Wagner
Associations with External Committees/Organizations:
SOR Designee to AIP Governing Board (2013-2015)
Faith A. Morrison
SOR Designee to AIP Publishing LLC Board of Managers (2013-2015)
A. Jeffrey Giacomin
U.S. National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (2013-2015)
Eric Shaqfeh
International Committee on Rheology (2012-2016)
Gerald G. Fuller
Rheology Bulletin, 83 (2) July 2014
A Message from the President
Dear SOR Members,
I am delighted to report that The Society of Rheology continues to be in excellent condition. Our most important
activities, our Annual Meetings and the publication of the Journal of Rheology, serve to disseminate the knowledge of
the science and engineering of rheology to the broader community. Our Annual Meeting agenda is full through 2018
with the upcoming meeting in Philadelphia coming together under the leadership of Michael Mackay for the local
arrangements and of Amy Shen and Maryam Sepehr for the technical program. As of this writing, we have an early
record number of submitted abstracts and have yet to receive poster submissions.
Our 2015 meeting will be in Baltimore, (Kalman Migler local, Rajesh Khare and Susan Muller, technical pro-
gram). The 2016 meeting is the year of the International Congress on Rheology (ICR), so we will be having a winter
meeting in February 2017 in Tampa Bay (Don Baird, local) while the Fall of 2017 will see us in Denver (Matthew
Liberatore, local) and Fall 2018 will see us in Houston (Jason Maxey, local). Your vice-president, Gareth McKinley
is soliciting organizers for our 2019 meeting. These dates come quickly and we continue to try to select the sites of
our meetings to balance geographical access and to provide opportunities for membership participation.
In addition to these main activities, the SOR supports educational programs and we have an active educational
committee now headed by Jonathan Rothstein. In addition to organizing the short courses that are so successful
during each annual meeting, this
committee has now developed a
• Society Updates
STEM outreach project that will
be debuted at the Philadelphia
• Proposed Amendments to Rules
Meeting (see page 19). The SOR
will be hosting with the Franklin
• Open Access as it Affects SOR
Institute in Philadelphia a day of
experiments in rheology that are
• Possible SOR Fellow Status
developed to intrigue and excite
K-12 students. We are looking
forward to this event.
Also, I, with the Executive
Committee have been looking at several things of importance to the membership. The first of these is that, based on
recommendations brought to us by a special committee headed by Gerry Fuller, teaming with Faith Morrison and
Eric Shaqfeh, we have proposed some clarifications and amendments to the Society Awards: The Bingham Medal,
the Publication Award, and the Metzner Award. As this letter is being published, you are being asked to vote on these
changes. They are straightforward:
• For the Bingham Medal, in order to make it clear that this is truly an award open to all rheologists world-
wide, we propose to strike the phrase "who is a resident of the North American Continent or a member of
The Society” from the Rules.
• The committee also recommended modifying the Publication Award described in Section 3 of Article VII of
the Rules to bring the Rules into line with the actual practice of that committee.
• The third change relates to the Metzner Award for early career investigators. This award has already been
made to multiple young researchers, but has not been included in the SOR Rules. Rather, it is currently
based on a document that was published some time ago in the Bulletin of the SOR. The committee on
awards recommended to the Executive Committee that this award be put into the Rules with some minor
changes to the award. The biggest change is that it would now go to investigators within 12 years of the
terminal degree rather than to persons under 35 years of age.
Rheology Bulletin, 83(2) July 2014
You are invited to vote for these amendments to the Rules of the SOR and should have already received a ballot an-
nouncement by electronic mail.
As indicated above, the publication of the Journal of Rheology is one of our most important activities as a soci-
ety. The current state of the Journal is excellent and our Editor Ralph Colby is actively building on the past strength
of the JOR and preparing for the future.
When I took office, one of my first actions was in response to a lively discussion at the Business Meeting in Mon-
treal where the subject of open access publishing was brought to the attention of the membership and the society offi-
cers as a potential issue that will affect the long term viability of the Journal of Rheology and, consequently, the SOR
itself (see article on page 10). I appointed a committee headed by Gareth McKinley with members Tom McLeish and
Roseanna Zia, and with Jeff Giacomin and Ralph Colby serving on an ex officio basis. The committee reported to the
Executive Committee in May and made it clear that the problem of electronic publishing and open access continue to
present challenges to the publishing industry in general. Fred Dylla, the Executive Director and CEO of the American
Institute of Physics (AIP) also shared with the ExCom the AIP views on this complicated subject. Currently, the com-
mittee has been re-appointed and will continue to study the issue and make recommendations on how the SOR should
proceed. Because the committee only had six months to work, it did not make recommendations at this time on open
access rules for our journal and these remain items for discussion. It did, however, look into the copyright form used
by the JOR and recommended that it be revised to be in-line with the AIP (who publishes the JOR) copyright form.
These changes will take effect as soon as exact wording has been established. On the electronic publishing and open
access, please do not hesitate to talk to the committee headed by Gareth McKinley or to any of the SOR ExCom
members. It is an extremely important and long term issue that will eventually affect all of our efforts.
Finally, in looking towards the future, the committee on awards headed by Gerry Fuller mentioned above also
made some recommendations, at my request, concerning the establishment of a designation of “Fellow of the So-
ciety of Rheology,” something that the SOR does not have. A majority of the Executive Committee recommended
that we should move forward with establishing such a recognition for our membership, but there were also some
concerns raised during our discussions at the ExCom meeting. The benefits of such a designation are multiple. It
provides recognition to those who make major contributions to the SOR both for technical and service activities but
who may not win one of our other awards. It is the type of recognition that many other societies give to their active
and productive members and is one that I think important. However there were also some concerns: 1). That this
new category might upset the unifying spirit we enjoy in the Society; 2). How would one avoid monopolizing the
early-stage process with current and past presidents, current and past ExCom members, Bingham awardees, and the
like. Without going into details of proposed solutions, the ExCom invites the membership to contact Gerry Fuller’s
committee members (Gerry, Faith, Eric) or the ExCom with ideas. Also, be prepared at the Philadelphia meeting in
October to discuss this at the Business Meeting where we will provide a presentation of the thinking that is going into
the possible creation of the designation “Fellow of the Society of Rheology” and so that you can provide feedback in
that open forum.
I look forward to continuing to serve you and to seeing you in Philadelphia.
Greg McKenna
President, The Society of Rheology
Rheology Bulletin, 83 (2) July 2014