DD Form 2558 Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change an Allotment

DD Form 2558 Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change an Allotment

What Is DD Form 2558?

DD Form 2558, Authorization to Start, Stop or Change an Allotment , is a form used for starting a new allotment to deduct from a retired pay account, or to stop or change an already existing one. This form is a necessary tool for providing financial support to dependents during the absence of the service member.

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) updated the form on December 1, 2017 . The most recent DD Form 2558 fillable version is available for download and digital filing below or can be found on the Executive Services Directorate website.

Filling out DD Form 2558 is usually the most secure way of ensuring that the financial needs of the service member's family are met. The process requires establishing a bank account for the allotment payments.


How to Fill Out DD Form 2558?

The allotment authorization form should be prepared in advance, but its execution begins with the soldier's deployment. DD Form 2558 instructions are not distributed along with the form. Filling procedures are as follows:

  1. The allotter has to provide their branch of service, full name, social security number, DoD ID, and pay grade in Boxes 1 through 4.
  2. Boxes 5 and 6 require the applicants' full address and telephone number respectively.
  3. Box 7 is for specifying the effective date of starting, changing, or stopping the allotment.
  4. Box 8 requires the monthly amount of the allotment to be started, stopped, or changed (in U.S. dollars).
  5. Box 9 is for the full name of the person that will be receiving the allotment.
  6. Box 10 specifies the type of the desired allotment action.
  7. Boxes 11 and 12 ("Term in Months" and "Credit Line") should only be filed if applicable.
  8. The allotment class should be specified in Box 13.
  9. The mailing address to which the allotment must be sent is provided in Box 14, if applicable.
  10. If the allotment is sent overseas, the province and the country should be specified in Box 15. In all other cases, the box should be left blank.
  11. Any additional remarks can be provided in Box 16.
  12. Box 17 ("Company Code") requires the three-digit blanket code provided by the bank or company.
  13. Box 18 is for choosing applicable account type and Boxes 19 and 20 ("Total Class L and Class T Amounts") are self-explanatory.
  14. The allotter has to date and sign the form in Boxes 21 and 22 for it to be complete.

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