Spanish Verb Gustar Worksheet

Spanish Verb Gustar Worksheet

A Spanish verb gustar worksheet is a learning tool typically used by students to practice using the verb "gustar," which means "to like" in English. The worksheet may contain various activities, such as fill-in-the-blank exercises or sentence completion tasks, to help learners understand and use this verb correctly. By completing the worksheet, students can reinforce their understanding of how to express their preferences and opinions in Spanish using the verb gustar.

The specific individual or organization that files the Spanish Verb Gustar worksheet may vary depending on the context. In educational settings, it is typically the responsibility of the student to file their worksheets with their teacher. If the worksheet is part of an online course or learning platform, it may be digitally submitted by the student or automatically stored in the system.


Q: What does the verb "gustar" mean in Spanish?A: The verb "gustar" in Spanish means "to like.

Q: How do you use the verb "gustar" in a sentence?A: The verb "gustar" is often used to express likes or preferences. It is commonly used in a sentence structure where the thing being liked is the subject and the person liking it is the indirect object. For example: "Me gusta el libro" (I like the book).

Q: Can you provide more examples of sentences using the verb "gustar"?A: Sure!

Q: Is the verb "gustar" always used in the third person?A: No, the verb "gustar" is conjugated based on the thing being liked, not the person liking it. So, it can be used in any grammatical person, but the sentence structure remains the same.

Q: Can you explain the basic sentence structure when using "gustar"?A: Yes. The basic sentence structure when using "gustar" is: [Indirect Object Pronoun] + [gusta/gustan] + [thing being liked]. For example, "Me gusta el café" (I like coffee) or "Les gustan las películas" (They like movies).


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  • Spanish Verb Gustar Worksheet - Worksheet with exercises to practice conjugating the verb 'gustar' in Spanish.
  • Spanish Verb Gustar Worksheet, Page 2
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