DD Form 1387 Military Shipment Label

DD Form 1387 Military Shipment Label

What Is DD Form 1387?

This is a form that was released by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) on July 1, 1999. The form, often mistakenly referred to as the DA Form 1387 , is a military form used by and within the U.S. Army. As of today, no separate instructions for the form are provided by the DoD.


Q: What is a DD Form 1387?
A: DD Form 1387 is a Military Shipment Label.

Q: What is the purpose of a DD Form 1387?
A: The purpose of a DD Form 1387 is to label and identify military shipments.

Q: Who uses a DD Form 1387?
A: The military uses DD Form 1387 to label their shipments.

Q: What information is included on a DD Form 1387?
A: A DD Form 1387 includes information such as the unit identification code, the transportation control number, and the contents of the shipment.

Q: Is a DD Form 1387 required for military shipments?
A: Yes, a DD Form 1387 is required for military shipments.


Form Details:

  • A 1-page document available for download in PDF;
  • The latest version available from the Executive Services Directorate;
  • Editable, printable, and free to use;
  • Fill out the form in our online filing application.

Download an up-to-date fillable DD Form 1387 down below in PDF format or browse hundreds of other DoD Forms compiled in our online library.

How to Fill Out DD Form 1387?

DD Form 1387 instructions are as follows:

  1. Box 1 requires the 17-character transportation control number.
  2. Box 2 is for the postage data. Box 3 requires the full address of the shipping location (with ZIP code).
  3. Box 4 is for specifying the type of service (such as Air Express, Express Mail, TGBL UB, etc.).
  4. Box 5 should contain the address, ZIP code, Port of Entry code and Postal Concentration Center code of the receiving location.
  5. Box 6 is for the transportation priority data. If the form is used for a unit move, this box is left blank.
  6. Box 7 requires the three-digit Port of Debarkation (POD) designator. If this form is used in connection with the classified unit move, this box is left blank.
  7. The three-character project code should be entered in Box 8.
  8. Box 9 is intended for the ultimate consignee or mark for consignee in-the-clear address and Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DODAAC) or Military Assistance Program Address Code (MAPAC) linear barcode. If this form is filed for the unit move, this box is left blank.
  9. The actual gross weight of the shipment is entered in Box 10.
  10. A three-character Required Delivery Date (RDD) code is entered in Box 11.
  11. Box 12 requires cube data.
  12. Box 13 should be left blank.
  13. Box 14 requires the in-the-clear date of shipment.
  14. Box 15 is for the three-character FMS case number from the supply document or shipping document.
  15. Boxes 16 and 17 require specifying the number of the piece the label is attached to and the total number of pieces in the shipment.

The required barcode items are Box 1 (Transportation control number), Box 9 (Ultimate consignee or mark for), and Box 16 (Piece number).

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