Shark Tooth Chart

Shark Tooth Chart

Shark Tooth Chart: What Is It?

A Shark Tooth Chart is used to allow individuals to identify shark teeth; helping them to pinpoint the type of shark that they belong to after they have found a tooth by the beach.

Alternate Names:

  • Shark Tooth Identification Chart;
  • Shark Dental Chart.

Because shark teeth are constantly being regenerated, sharks may lose several thousand teeth during the time that they are alive. This means that shark tooth hunters can be kept rather busy. But finding such treasures is only half of the fun, what makes it more interesting is investigating the shark teeth to detect differences which will allow an individual to identify the species based on specific characteristics of the tooth. The teeth should be black, triangular in shape and have a slight shine to them.

A Shark Tooth Chart template can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

The best place to look for teeth would be right by the tidal line but this can be difficult if the sea is not calm and the waves keep crashing onto the tidal line. In this case, you might want to do some digging as teeth can be buried beneath the surface.

Upon finding teeth, an individual can compare their findings against the Shark Tooth Chart and look out for any specific unique structural similarities which will be able to help determine the type of shark that these teeth came from. In some charts, these unique characteristics are described next to the image of the tooth.

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