Form DOS-1246, Security Guard Renewal Application

Form DOS-1246, Security Guard Renewal Application

What Is Form DOS-1246?

Form DOS-1246, Security Guard Renewal Application, is a form used to renew a New York State security guard license. The original license is valid for two years after it was issued.

Alternate Name:

  • New York State (NYS) security guard renewal form.

Due to security features and technical issues associated with this form, the only way to obtain Form DOS-1246 is by contacting the New York State Department of State, Division of Licensing Services. The form was last updated in December 2014. Submitting Form DOS-1246 will require paying a $36 fee.

Form DOS-1246 is comprised of the applicant’s information (including their name, home address, phone number, email address, DMV ID number, social security number, and birth date). There are six questions that will ask about the applicant’s background (i.e., prior work experience, history of being removed from a position for misconduct or incompetence, past security guard applications). The form will also acquire additional steps, such as completing an electronic fingerprint procedure for $75 and guidance on where to schedule it, training requirements (both pre-training and on the job training), armed security guard training, and exemptions.

How to Get a Replacement DOS-1246 Security Guard Renewal Application?

Since this document is no longer available online, the best way to obtain this form is by visiting the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services website. There you will find the process for mailing a request of the form, a phone number to request a form, addresses in several cities for the Offices of General Services where a paper form can be picked up, and an email address that you can use to email your request for DOS-1246 Security Guard Renewal Form.

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