PS Form 3547, Notice to Mailer of Correction in Address

PS Form 3547, Notice to Mailer of Correction in Address

What Is PS Form 3547?

PS Form 3547, Notice to Mailer of Correction in Address is a form used for returning mail to the sender with the address correction fee charged. It is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) when the mail cannot be delivered to the address written on the mailpiece.

The USPS revised its Domestic Mail Manual in October 2011, introducing new mailing standards of the postal service that affected the form. As of today, no PS Form 3547 fillable copies exist online.

The USPS provides ancillary service endorsements so that the mailers can request an addressee’s new address and to give their officials instructions on how to handle undeliverable-as-addressed mail pieces. Those endorsements are available for different kinds of mail, including first-class mail, package services, parcel select, and USPS marketing mail. Three alternatives are offered to the customer:

  1. Address service requested. It provides address correction and forwarding services when it is possible. If the mail cannot be forwarded and/or delivered, it returns to the original sender with the reason identified on the mailpiece;
  2. Return service requested. It provides address correction and returns the mailpiece on all occasions;
  3. Change service requested. It provides address correction services, but does not forward or return articles. If the item is undeliverable, either the reason it is undeliverable or the new address is given to the sender.

The mailers can request a hardcopy notification of the addressee’s new address. The USPS also gives the sender an option to dispose of the mail. The address correction service lets the sender obtain the addressee’s new forwarding address or know the reason for nondelivery. Address notices and corrections are not provided for individuals at a business address or for customers who file a temporary change of address. It is only available alone or in combination with forwarding and return services. The form contains the addressee’s name, the old and the new addresses, the image of the mailpiece, the return address as the new delivery address, and the postmaster’s barcode.

How to Pay USPS Form 3547?

If the mailpiece cannot be forwarded to the new recipient address, the sender receives back a PS Form 3547, also known as USPS Form 3547. The services provided by the USPS and fees charged vary by the time period and the type of notice. Fee for the hardcopy notice is $0.50, for electronic notice (or manual notice for electronic customers) - $0.08 for first-class mail and $0.25 for other types of mail.

There is also an option to receive automated notice. First two notices for first-class mail letters are free, other additional notices cost $0.06 for each of them. First two notices for standard mail letters require $0.03 fee, additional notices cost $0.18 each.

Unless excepted, USPS Form 3547 fee is charged for each separate notification of address correction (with new permanent address information) or each instance of nondelivery. Additionally, depending on mail class, return postage (postage enclosed in the mailpiece for the expected reply) can be charged.