Form MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement - North Carolina

Form MVR-181 Damage Disclosure Statement - North Carolina

What Is MVR-181 Form?

Form MVR-181, Damage Disclosure Statement , is a legal document that the seller of a vehicle gives to the purchaser of a vehicle, to inform the latter of any structural or body damage. When selling a vehicle in North Carolina you need to prepare a damage disclosure. This document is of importance to both parties as the seller must disclose any damage the vehicle has sustained before, and the buyer is required to pass on this information when selling or transferring title to the vehicle. Failure to provide a damage disclosure or false statement may lead to civil and criminal liability.

This form was released by the North Carolina Department of Transportation . The latest version of the form was issued on February 1, 2022 , with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable NC DMV Form MVR-181 through the link below.

A purchaser will be able to register a vehicle when they bring a North Carolina Vehicle Bill of Sale, Certificate of Title, and Form MVR-180, Odometer Disclosure Statement, and Form MVR-181 to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.


Form MVR 181 Instructions

Follow these steps to complete a North Carolina Damage Disclosure Statement:

  1. Describe the vehicle. Enter the vehicle's year, make, body style, and vehicle identification number.
  2. If the vehicle was damaged by any occurrence that led to damages exceeding 25% of its value at the time of such occurrence, check the appropriate box.
  3. Answer affirmatively if the vehicle was a salvage motor vehicle and name the state in which it was titled.
  4. Disclose if the vehicle is a flood vehicle.
  5. Indicate if the vehicle falls into the category of recovered theft vehicles.
  6. If the vehicle was reconstructed, inform the purchaser about it.
  7. Certify the facts stated in the form are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Sign the form, write down your address, and the actual date of signing.
  8. Buyers need to acknowledge the details indicated in the document and sign the form as well.

You are only required to answer the question about significant damage and disclose if the vehicle is a recovered theft vehicle if the vehicle is five model years or older. The form also provides definitions of flood vehicle, Non-U.S. vehicle, reconstructed vehicle, salvage motor vehicle, salvage rebuilt vehicle, and junk vehicle for the convenience of the parties to the sale and purchase of any car.

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