DD Form 2948 "Special Compensation for Assistance With Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL) Eligibility"

What Is DD Form 2948?

DD Form 2948, Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL) Eligibility, is a form used to determine a service member's eligibility to receive SCAADL as a result of an injury or illness received in the line of duty.

The form - sometimes incorrectly referred to as the DA Form 2894 - was last revised by the Department of Defense (DoD) on May 1, 2019, with all previous editions being obsolete. An updated DD Form 2894 fillable version is available for digital filing and download through the link below.

Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living - or SCAADL - is a monthly payment for service members who require caregiver support due to a medical condition. The program is designed to reimburse its participants for non-medical care and support expenses. The payments are based on the level of the support required and the location of the service member.


How to Fill out DD Form 2894?

The form is made up of 8 pages in total with filing guidelines provided on the last four pages. DD Form 2894 instructions are as follows:

  1. The form begins with a Privacy Act Statement, legal definitions, and eligibility guidelines for SCAADL;
  2. Block 1, Type of Request. Specify the reason for filing is an initial application, recertification, or appellate review;
  3. Part I, Eligibility Criteria. The box is meant for determining SCAADL participation eligibility. A DoD or Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) licensed physician fills out the service member's name and current pay grade in Blocks 2 and 3;
  4. Block 4 and 5. Enter the last four digits of your SNN and your date of birth;
  5. Block 6. This block is filled out by the evaluating physician. SCAADL is granted only if all answers are positive;
  6. If the service member is determined to be eligible for SCAADL, the form is forwarded to a DoD or VA Health Care Professional who completes Part II;
  7. Block 7. Specify the sources used for completing the DD 2948. The information about your medical facility and the physical address of the place of undergoing rehabilitation are given in Blocks 8 and 9;
  8. Block 10 contains seven ADL areas to be assessed. The physician must score the service member according to each criteria on a scale from zero to four, with zero meaning that the applicant can complete most tasks independently and four implying the applicant to be highly dependent on a caregiver;
  9. The same evaluation is performed in Block 11 - Supervision or Protecting Requirements;
  10. The healthcare professionals and commanders involved in filling out the form must provide their personal identifying information in Blocks 14, 15 and 16. The applicant certifies their recognition of the results of the evaluation by signing the form in Block 17.

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