Form TR-11L Application for Michigan Vehicle Title - Michigan

Form TR-11L Application for Michigan Vehicle Title - Michigan

What Is Form TR-11L?

Form TR-11L, Application for Michigan Vehicle Title , is a legal document completed by the owners of motor vehicles to obtain a Michigan certificate of title and registration. Whether you purchased a new or used vehicle, or require a replacement for the lost documentation, fill out a Michigan Vehicle Registration Form. Once you have the vehicle title, it serves as your legal proof of ownership and finalizes the transaction between purchaser and former owner. Within fifteen days of buying a vehicle, you are required to submit this form to the local Secretary of State branch office. Failure to do so will result in a $15 late fee.

Alternate Name:

  • Michigan Duplicate Title Application.

This form was released by the Michigan Secretary of State on January 1, 2021 , with all previous editions obsolete. You can download a fillable Michigan Vehicle Registration Form through the link below{class="scroll_to"}.


Michigan Vehicle Registration Instructions

Provide the following information in the Michigan Vehicle Title Application:

  1. Indicate the type of transaction. Enter "original" if it is a new vehicle, "dup" if you need a duplicate title, "transfer" if the title is required following ownership transfer;
  2. State the plate number, its expiration date, and the title brand;
  3. Describe the vehicle adding its year, make, model, identification number, body style, fee category, weight, odometer brand and its current reading. If you cannot indicate the actual mileage, you must record the odometer discrepancy or state the reading exceeds the maximum limit of the odometer;
  4. Enter the first and second driver's license numbers and the vehicle's unique identifier;
  5. Record the name of the individual that will appear on registration and certificate of title. If there is joint ownership, you may check the box to grant the full rights to the survivor;
  6. Write down your physical and mailing addresses;
  7. If the vehicle is repossessed by the secured party (for instance, a lender who has rights to the collateral pledged against a loan in the event of the default), indicate the name of the secured party and the date of filing the application;
  8. Indicate the fees - registration fee, Recreation Passport fee, title fee ($15), title late fee, and expeditious fee. State the amount of tax to be paid and the total amount of fees and taxes due;
  9. Identify yourself - whether you are the owner of the vehicle or someone else. Record your name and specify the ID presented;
  10. Claim the tax exemption if you qualify and explain the reason for it. You may be required to document your tax return or prove you are entitled to the exemption;
  11. State the purchase price or retail value of the vehicle, add a 6-percent tax, and subtract the credit for tax paid to a reciprocal state. Note that no use tax is collected when the title transfer was made to an immediate relative;
  12. If the vehicle was obtained as a result of the court order, name the court and indicate the file or docket number;
  13. Sign and date the form. It must be signed by the seller as well. To purchase or transfer plates, you need to present this form or the vehicle title.

How Much Is Vehicle Registration in Michigan?

Michigan vehicle registration fees are calculated based upon the age, weight, title history, and manufacturer's suggested retail price of your vehicle. There are multiple components to consider, and the fee can range from $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on these factors. Compute the registration fee for your vehicle using the Michigan Department of State calculator available on the Michigan government website.

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