Active Employee Templates

Are you an active employee looking for information about your benefits, authorization forms, or enrollment options? Look no further! Our Active Employee document collection is designed to provide you with all the necessary resources and forms you need to manage your employment status and benefits.

Whether you're planning a business trip and need to submit a Travel and Activity Authorization Form, or you're considering enrolling in a savings plan such as the Voluntary Employee Savings Plan, we have the forms you need. Our collection also includes crucial enrollment forms for health benefits, such as the Form HBD-12 Health Benefits Plan Enrollment for Active Employees in California and the Active Employees Health Benefits Enrollment and Change Form in Maryland.

Additionally, our document collection covers important topics like beneficiary elections for the Defined Benefit Plan for Active Employees, ensuring that your future is secure.

Our user-friendly system makes it easy for you to access and download the necessary forms and documents you need. Say goodbye to hassle and confusion, and hello to simplicity and efficiency. Explore our Active Employee document collection today and find exactly what you need to manage your employment status and benefits.




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This Form is used for obtaining authorization for travel and activities. It helps to ensure that the necessary permissions are obtained before traveling or engaging in certain activities.

This Form is used for enrolling in a health benefits plan for active employees in California. It provides instructions on how to complete Form HBD-12.

This form is used for enrolling or making changes to health benefits for active and satellite employees in Maryland.

This document is used for making demographic changes to the Mountaineer Flexible Benefits program for active employees in West Virginia.

This Form is used for providing a summary of personal pay information for active employees in West Virginia.

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