Mortgage Relief Templates

Are you struggling to make your mortgage payments? Don't worry, there are options available to provide you with the necessary relief. Our mortgage relief resources are here to help you navigate through these difficult times and find the assistance you need.

If you're looking for financial relief on your mortgage, you may be eligible for government programs such as the IRS Form 1098-MA Mortgage Assistance Payments or state-specific initiatives like the Mortgagor's Declaration of Covid-19-related Hardship in New York. These documents can help you access much-needed funds to alleviate the financial burden of your mortgage.

We understand that every situation is unique, which is why we provide resources like the Hardship Letter for Mortgage Template and Sample Hardship Letter for Mortgage. These tools can help you communicate with your lender and explain your financial difficulties, increasing your chances of qualifying for mortgage relief programs.

Additionally, if you reside in Illinois, you may need to submit the Form 1 Loss Mitigation Affidavit to initiate the mortgage relief process in your state. This document is crucial in demonstrating your need for assistance and can help speed up the review of your case.

At, we're committed to making the mortgage relief process as seamless as possible. Whether you're seeking assistance due to a temporary hardship or a long-term financial struggle, our collection of mortgage relief documents is designed to help you find the relief you deserve.

Take the first step towards financial stability by exploring our mortgage relief resources today. With our comprehensive selection of forms and templates, you can efficiently navigate the various assistance programs available to homeowners just like you. Don't let the burden of your mortgage weigh you down - let us guide you towards a brighter financial future.




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This form is used for requesting assistance with a mortgage. It contains important information and documentation that lenders require to evaluate eligibility for mortgage assistance programs.

This document is used for the declaration of financial hardship due to COVID-19 for a mortgage borrower in New York.

This document is used for submitting a Loss Mitigation Affidavit in the state of Illinois. It is a legal form that helps homeowners in financial distress provide information about their situation to their mortgage lender in order to potentially receive assistance in avoiding foreclosure.

This Form is used for a commercial mortgagor in New York who wants to declare their hardship related to Covid-19.

This document for New York residents who are experiencing financial difficulties due to Covid-19 and need to declare their hardship. It is available in Haitian Creole.

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