Free Thanksgiving Shopping List Templates

Thanksgiving Shopping List: What Is It?

A Thanksgiving Shopping List is a written tool that indicates the items - both groceries and additional supplies - to purchase ahead of the Thanksgiving dinner.

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Experienced dinner hosts and people who plan to arrange their first ever Thanksgiving party in their home can benefit from a Shopping List for Thanksgiving - you can stick to the budget you have in mind and prevent unnecessary spending, make sure you buy everything you need instead of seeing empty shelves in a local supermarket, and take your guests' opinions into consideration when creating a one-of-a-kind menu for the event.

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How to Make a Thanksgiving Shopping List?

Here is how you may prepare a basic Thanksgiving Shopping List:

  1. Think about the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner - most people go for roast turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, bean casserole, and pumpkin pie. Review the recipes you know well or those you want to try for the first time to know what ingredients can be purchased long before the event you are organizing and what has to be bought at the very last moment. Once you get the confirmation from the guests that will attend the party, you may also build the list of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages - make approximate calculations to avoid spending too much money on expensive alcohol that will not be required.
  2. To save time - and often money - you should think about purchasing desserts bakeries offer right before Thanksgiving Thursday. Browse online to see the selection of cookies and cakes they sell and place your order a few days before the party to ensure you get your deliveries on time. Even if you prefer to cook most of the dishes yourself or organize a potluck party, a batch of complementary cookies or candies will be the cherry on top of the dinner.
  3. Do not forget about tools and accessories that will help you to set the table for the Thanksgiving party. Do you have enough plates for all the guests? Is there a need to restock your spices? Are there any decorative elements to purchase to make sure your house looks festive? Consider all the aspects of the event you are planning and plan in advance - we recommend you to buy some of these items a week or two before the Thanksgiving weekend, especially because stores often run out of seasonal decor and plastic tableware.
  4. If you want to combine the functions of a shopping list and a meal planner in one instrument, you may customize a Thanksgiving Shopping List template by inserting pictures of dishes you plan to cook and recipes you will use for a perfect family dinner. It is a good idea to make a digital version of this document and share it with your household members - this way, you can plan a Thanksgiving meal together including or ruling out food and drinks some of you may not like.

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