Free Thanksgiving Place Card Templates

Thanksgiving Place Cards: What Are They? 

Thanksgiving Place Cards refer to personalized pieces of paper or plaques prepared before a Thanksgiving dinner or party to inform the people that responded to invitations where they are going to sit during the reception in question.

Alternate Name: 

  • Thanksgiving Name Place Cards.

With their help, you can avoid crowding at the venue and be certain everyone present is guaranteed a seat at the table whether you are giving the guests an opportunity to spend the celebration with someone they know or may like or your approach is more random.

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How to Make Thanksgiving Place Cards?

Here are some tips useful for any person that wants to host an enjoyable Thanksgiving party at their residence or arrange a dinner party at a high-end restaurant:

  1. When it comes to the design of DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards, get thick paper or carton, opt for bright colors like yellow and orange, and add symbols and drawings associated with the holiday - for instance, turkeys, thanksgiving hats, or pumpkin pies. The card is usually the size of a regular business card - use calligraphy fonts for the names and ensure the colors contrast well.
  2. Write down the full name of the guest on the card - there is no need to add more details unless the dinner is planned for coworkers or business partners that do not know each other well. In the latter case, record formal titles like Mr., Mrs, and Dr. If you are hosting a party for your relatives and friends, it is only natural you are on a first-name basis with them which should be reflected on the place cards as well. You can reduce the number of cards you make or order by putting only one of them on every table if families or couples sit together.
  3. Make sure the names are spelled correctly and they match the information the seating chart contains. It is likely a formal Thanksgiving dinner held at a restaurant or a similar large venue will have a seating chart placed near the entrance so that the guests know where to go upon their arrival - try to follow a uniform style and color scheme in the decor you are responsible for which is especially significant for a holiday like Thanksgiving.
  4. In case you are managing an establishment that organizes Thanksgiving parties every year or you intend to host another dinner if this celebration turns out to be successful, it is recommended to save money on custom place cards by investing in place card holders instead - small items designed to hold the pieces of paper or carton that indicate the names of guests. Consider buying thematic holders that will last for years - for instance, plastic pumpkin card holders can be utilized for several holidays celebrated during fall. 
  5. Accomplish two goals at once - let the guests know where they are supposed to sit and surprise them with your creativity - by offering edible Thanksgiving Place Cards. Reach out to a baker that makes cookies or candies covered with glaze and send them a list of guests that confirmed they are coming to your celebration - small desserts that say the names of people you invited will be an extra decoration for the table. Alternatively, you may order custom wooden place cards that should be stuck in small dishes put on tables in anticipation of guests whether you settle on canapes or cupcakes as appetizers.

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