Free Thanksgiving Flyer Templates

A Thanksgiving Flyer is a personalized poster made by an organization ahead of Thanksgiving to communicate essential information to their clients or supporters.

Alternate Name:

  • Happy Thanksgiving Flyer.

Whether you are planning to accept food donations and your goal is to urge people to make a personal contribution to help less fortunate individuals during the festive season, temporarily suspend the operation of your business to give a break to your employees, or modify the working hours to reduce the workload for a day or a weekend, a flyer created with the intention to connect with the client base or potential donors will be useful - this tool will save your time during a busy period.

For a full list of Thanksgiving Flyer templates please check out our library below.

Thanksgiving Flyer Template Types

  • Thanksgiving Food Drive Flyer. You may use this editable Thanksgiving Flyer to inform the public about the upcoming charity event or efforts to supply meals during a Thanksgiving weekend. Take care of your community by organizing a food fundraiser - let people know what items are the priority for your food bank, restaurant, or charitable foundation and indicate the location where the products can be dropped off;
  • Closed for Thanksgiving Sign. It is advised to allow workers to stay home for the festive period or at least on the day Thanksgiving is celebrated - make sure your clients know about the change in the schedule in advance by putting this flyer on the main entrance of your facility or sharing the sign online where more people get to see it and postpone a visit to your store or office;
  • Thanksgiving Holiday Hours Template. In case you want to modify the opening hours of your retail store or office space, the customers have to know about this decision as soon as it is made - consider customizing this flyer at least a week before the Thanksgiving weekend and tell the clients how to reach out to you if they need to extend or cancel their order or discuss a new appointment date.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Flyer?

Follow these instructions to create a Thanksgiving Flyer whether you are posting it on your social media or printing out the poster to put on your door or in a public area where it can be seen by many people:

  1. Provide information about the future event or certain changes that will affect your organization to your current or potential clients, the residents of the area, or the people that regularly attend the facility you work for . Record the new hours of service or a time period when you are available during the Thanksgiving weekend, briefly refer to issues that may arise because of the slight alterations - for example, confirm you are postponing deliveries until the next week, thank the individual reading the flyer for their understanding, congratulate everyone on the holiday, and enter your contact details to be able to answer further questions or address specific concerns.
  2. Think about an attention-grabbing design for the poster in question . Use calligraphy fonts, add a big and flashy headline, and decorate the background of the initially blank Thanksgiving Flyer template with symbols and drawings traditionally associated with the holiday like turkeys, pumpkins, or leaves. Alternatively, you may want to focus the attention of the person reading the poster on the information you are conveying - in this case, add patterns and ornaments to the margins of the flyer. A cafe or restaurant may insert stock photos or its own images of food when customizing the Thanksgiving Flyer template as well as logos of the business to further promote the brand.

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This template is used to inform individuals (mainly customers) that your business will be closed due to the Thanksgiving celebrations as many businesses close to celebrate it.

This type of template is used to motivate and persuade people to make specific donations, contributing to a specific center or charity where all proceeds will be donated to the less fortunate, helping them to avoid hunger.


This is a sign customized by a business and usually put on the door of the store or office to let the customers know when it is open during the Thanksgiving weekend.


This document is a Thanksgiving flyer template. It can be used to create a customized flyer for your Thanksgiving event or celebration.

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