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Welcome to our Traffic Violator School webpage, a hub of information and resources for drivers who have received traffic citations. Our Traffic Violator School (TVS), also known as Traffic School or Defensive Driving Course, offers various documents and forms to help you understand the process, meet requirements, and fulfill your obligations.

One essential document related to Traffic Violator School is the Form TR-310 (ONLINE) Online Agreement to Pay Traffic Violator School Fees in Installments. This form is specific to California and allows you to set up a payment plan for the fees associated with traffic school. By completing this online agreement, you can conveniently manage your financial obligations.

Another useful document is Form OL710, the Application for Traffic Violator School Operator and Instructor License. This form, again specific to California, is intended for individuals interested in becoming a licensed Traffic Violator School operator or instructor. It lays out the necessary steps and requirements for obtaining such a license, ensuring that TVS instructors are qualified and competent.

For existing traffic violator school operators and instructors in California, Form OL711 comes into play. This document is the Application for Modifications to a Traffic Violator School Operator and Instructor License. When changes need to be made to an existing license, such as a change in contact information or a request to add additional instructors, this form guides you through the modification process.

Additionally, Form OL756 serves as the Application for Renewal of Traffic Violator School Operator License. If you already have a Traffic Violator School operator license in California, this form enables you to submit your renewal application on time, ensuring you can continue to operate your TVS without any disruptions.

Our Traffic Violator School webpage is designed to provide you with easy access to these documents and more. Whether you're a driver seeking information on how to enroll in traffic school or an aspiring TVS operator looking to navigate the licensing process, our comprehensive collection of resources will assist you every step of the way.

Please note that the specific document names mentioned in this text are for illustrative purposes only and may vary depending on your jurisdiction.




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This form is used for verifying the property use for a driving school or traffic violator school license in California. It ensures that the property meets the required standards for operating a driving or traffic school.

This form is used for traffic violator school owners in California to provide assurance of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

This Form is used for obtaining or deleting a Traffic Violator School Public School Instructor Certification in California.

This Form is used for applying for a business office or classroom for a Traffic Violator School Branch in California.

This form is used for applying to change the administrator of a Traffic Violator School (TVS) in California.

This form is used for ordering the Traffic Violator School Instructor Written Test in California. It is used by individuals who want to become traffic violator school instructors and need to take the written test as part of the application process.

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