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Special Operations, also known as Special Operator, is a highly specialized and elite group within the military and law enforcement communities. These highly trained individuals are at the forefront of combat and covert operations, executing missions that require exceptional skills, precision, and flexibility.

At USA, Canada and other countries, we understand the importance of this unique group and the critical role they play in maintaining national security and protecting the lives of citizens. Our collection of documents pertaining to special operations are meticulously curated to provide in-depth information and resources for professionals, enthusiasts, and researchers alike.

From AFSOC Form 88 Dedicated Crew Chief Trip Report to Form SFMO-2 Application for Emergency or Special Operations Permit to Use Explosives, our diverse selection of documents covers a wide range of topics relevant to special operations. Whether you're interested in understanding the equipment and checklist procedures used in the field or exploring the eligibility requirements for joining special operations teams, our collection has you covered.

The Working Committee on Special Operations Team Eligibility Form and the Airborne & Ranger Training Brigade - U.S. Army Ranger School are just a glimpse into the rich array of documents we offer. These resources delve into the rigorous training and selection processes involved in becoming a part of the special operator community, offering valuable insights for aspiring candidates.

At USA, Canada and other countries, we strive to provide comprehensive and up-to-date documentation for special operations, ensuring that users have access to reliable information. Our collection enables individuals to dive deep into the intricacies of this elite group, understanding their tactics, techniques, and the challenges they face in executing their missions.

Whether you are a researcher, a military professional, or simply someone fascinated by the world of special operations, our collection of documents is a valuable resource. Explore our wide range of materials and unlock the knowledge and insights that lie within. Let USA, Canada and other countries be your trusted source for all things related to special operations.




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This form is used for tracking and documenting inflight refueling operations carried out by Special Operations C-130 Cs aircraft.

This document is used for special operations C-130 inflight refueling. It is a form that helps with the process of refueling during C-130 missions.

This Form is used to determine the eligibility of individuals to join the Special Operations Team (SWAT) in North Dakota.

This type of document provides information about the Airborne & Ranger Training Brigade, which is responsible for training soldiers to become U.S. Army Rangers. These Rangers are elite infantry soldiers who specialize in combat operations.

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