Dependency and Indemnity Compensation Templates

The Dependency and Indemnity Compensation program, also known as DIC, provides financial assistance to surviving spouses and children of deceased military veterans. This program honors the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women by granting the necessary support to those left behind.

Our comprehensive collection of documents offers all the necessary forms and applications, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for applicants. Whether you are a surviving spouse or a child, our forms cover various scenarios, including in-service death and accrued benefits.

VA Form 21-534A and VA Form 21P-534A specifically cater to surviving spouses and children who are seeking compensation for in-service death. These forms are designed to gather all the essential information required to process the claim effectively.

VA Form 21P-534 and VA Form 21-534, on the other hand, encompass a wider range of benefits beyond dependency and indemnity compensation. These forms take into account survivors' pensions, accrued benefits, and death compensation, if applicable.

At [Your Company], we understand the importance of these documents in helping you navigate the complexities of the dependency and indemnity compensation program. We aim to provide you with a user-friendly experience, ensuring that you have access to the forms you need to submit your claim.

No matter your circumstances, our wide-ranging collection of forms ensures that you have the necessary resources to apply for the financial assistance you deserve through the dependency and indemnity compensation program. Let us support you during this process, easing the burden and honoring the memory of our fallen heroes.




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This document was required to make sure the surviving spouses and children of veterans are eligible to receive benefits for the service members who died during active duty service. The form is now replaced by VA Form 21P-534A.

The purpose of this form is to determine the eligibility of a surviving spouse or child for benefits, as well as their eligibility for dependency and indemnity compensations, death pension, and death compensation. Use this form if you are a surviving spouse or child of a veteran who perished during active duty service.

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