Dropped Object Templates

Are you looking for information on dropped objects and the procedures to prevent accidents caused by them? Look no further! Our comprehensive collection of documents, also referred to as dropping objects or dropped object, is here to help you minimize the risks associated with falling objects in your workplace.

Our dropped object documents include various forms and checklists designed to ensure safety and promote a proactive approach to prevent incidents. From the AFDW Form 101 Dropped Object Worksheet to the 60 AMW IMT Form 511 Foreign Object Damage (Fod)/Dropped Object (Do) Report, these documents offer a holistic understanding of the potential dangers posed by dropped objects.

Accidents caused by dropped objects can have severe consequences, including injuries, damage to equipment, and delays in operations. Therefore, it is crucial to follow established protocols and conduct thorough investigations when such incidents occur. That's where our collection of documents comes in handy. The 15 WG Form 24 Dropped Object Investigation Checklist and the 374 AW Form 70 Dropped Object Investigation Worksheet are essential resources for conducting comprehensive evaluations to identify the root causes of incidents.

Our dropped object documents are not only valuable for organizations in the aviation industry but also for any workplace where the risk of falling objects exists. Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, or any sector where objects are handled at heights, these documents will provide you with the necessary tools and guidelines to mitigate those risks.

Don't wait until an accident occurs–take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your workforce by utilizing our dropped object documents. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Stay ahead of the game and keep your workplace safe and secure.




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This document is used for reporting and documenting incidents of dropped objects in the workplace. It helps to assess the potential risks and implement preventive measures.

This form is used for reporting incidents of foreign object damage (FOD) and dropped objects (DO) at the 60th Air Mobility Wing.

This form is used for reporting and documenting incidents of dropped objects in the workplace. It helps to identify hazards and prevent future accidents.

This form is used for conducting an investigation on dropped objects. It is used to gather information and document the details of the incident.

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