Tribal Lands Templates

Are you looking to learn more about tribal lands? Our website offers a comprehensive collection of documents related to tribal lands, also known as tribal land. These documents cover a range of topics and regulations pertaining to the management and utilization of tribal lands.

One important document in this collection is the Deed to Restricted Indian Land (Aipra Pro), which outlines the legal framework for the ownership and transfer of tribal lands. This document provides valuable information on the rights and restrictions associated with these lands.

Another document you will find in our collection is the BIA Form 5-5517 Free Grazing Permit (Tribal Lands), which is a permit that allows tribes and individuals to access and utilize tribal lands for grazing purposes. This document outlines the terms and conditions for obtaining and maintaining a grazing permit on tribal lands.

If you are interested in the management of individual Indian money accounts on tribal lands, our collection includes the document Supervised Individual Indian Money (Iim) Accounts: Distribution Plan. This document provides guidance on the distribution of funds held in these accounts and ensures they are properly managed and disbursed according to tribal regulations.

For organized tribes, we offer the Form 5-5516 Grazing Permit for Organized Tribes, which is a specific permit designed for tribes that have established traditional governing structures. This document outlines the process for obtaining a grazing permit for organized tribal lands.

In addition to these specific documents, our collection also includes the Form 5-5517 Free Grazing Permit (Tribal Lands). This permit is similar to the BIA Form 5-5517 but allows tribes to grant free grazing permits to individuals or groups for specific periods of time.

Whether you are a tribe member, landowner, or simply interested in learning about tribal lands, our collection of documents provides valuable insights into the regulations and processes governing these lands. Explore our website to access these documents and expand your knowledge on tribal lands today!




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This document is used to transfer ownership of restricted Indian land under the American Indian Probate Reform Act (AIPRA). It outlines the specific restrictions and legal requirements for the transfer.

This Form is used for obtaining a Free Grazing Permit on Tribal Lands. It is required for individuals or businesses who want to graze livestock on tribal lands without paying a fee.

This document explains the distribution plan for Supervised Individual Indian Money (IIM) accounts. It outlines the process of allocating funds to eligible individuals.

This form is used for obtaining a grazing permit specifically for organized tribes to use designated grazing areas.

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