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This form is used for certifying state or tribal government matching funds for architectural and engineering projects. It is required to qualify for Group 1 on the priority list.

This form is used for preparing a cemetery plan for state or tribal government cemeteries. It helps in documenting the layout and development of these cemeteries.

This document is used for certifying the required documents and information needed for state or tribal government cemetery construction grants after the grant has been awarded.

This document is used to establish a formal agreement for a grant to construct or modify a veterans cemetery owned by a state or tribal government.

This form is used for summarizing sales worksheets related to tribal government or tribal members in the state of Michigan.

This document is a sample letter for the Tribal Crosscutter program in the state of Michigan. It provides guidance on how to write a letter requesting support or information related to the program.

This Form is used for submitting a formal request for tribal consultation in Arizona. It allows individuals or organizations to engage in meaningful dialogue with Native American tribes regarding decisions that may affect tribal lands, resources, or cultural heritage. Tribal consultation is a crucial process for ensuring the protection of Native American rights and interests.

This document provides a situation report on the local/tribal government in Nevada. It contains important information about the current situation and updates on the state of local governance in Nevada.

This document is for tribal governments and tribal members in Indian Country, specifically in Michigan. It provides a summary of use and sales related information.

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