Free Business Gift Certificate Templates

What Is a Business Gift Certificate?

A Business Gift Certificate is a printed card that confirms the right of the certificate holder to obtain goods or receive services for the stated value.

Alternate Name:

  • Business Gift Card.

This is one of the easiest ways to maintain a good relationship with the established client base, attract new customers, and diversify the income - whether you own a traditional retail store or you work in the service industry, a Gift Certificate will be the perfect choice for many clients if they do not have time to select a present for their family and friends or simply want to give the other person a variety of choice from their favorite store or establishment.

You can see a full list of Business Gift Certificate templates if you check out our library below.

Are Gift Certificates Good for Business?

There are many reasons to prepare a custom Gift Card if you own a small business or manage a large corporation:

  1. One of the best ways to attract new clients is the positive feedback their relatives, friends, and colleagues share with them. If your long-term client has been satisfied with your product or customer service, you may offer them to purchase a Gift Certificate issued by your business as a present for their loved one's birthday or any other holiday.
  2. You will have an opportunity to tap into a new source of income - when a Gift Card is purchased, you generate revenue immediately without providing services or shipping goods right away, so in case your sales have slowed down, consider making Gift Certificates that will bring you money within days or weeks.
  3. Many clients end up paying more than the value indicated on the Gift Card, some services listed on the certificate remain unused, and there will be customers that simply forget about the Gift Certificate that may expire quickly - you will get all that profit without even having to do anything since the purchase was already finalized.

How Do I Offer Gift Cards for My Business?

The simplest way to inform current and prospective clients about the Business Gift Cards is to have them available for purchase at any time, whether in a printed form or online. You may put them on the counter, instruct your cashiers to offer Gift Certificates to every customer, and add them to other items you advertise on your website.

Here is how you may create a Gift Card for your customers:

  1. Choose a smaller size - a certificate should easily fit in a wallet or purse whether it is the size of a credit card or a folded piece of paper. If you are offering electronic Gift Cards, ensure it contains an identification number the clients can use when exchanging the certificate for services you render or goods you sell.
  2. Think about the branding. If there are colors, patterns, drawings related to your business, you need to design the Gift Certificate using them. Definitely add your logo on top of the card and use the free space on the backside of the document sharing links to your social media accounts and website to let the certificate recipient find out more about you.
  3. Include the most important details on the front of the certificate - the value of the Gift Card and the expiration date of the offer. When it comes to the names of the person that can use the document and the items covered by the certificate value, they may vary from client to client - you can negotiate these terms with the buyer.

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This document provides a template for a business gift certificate in a beige color scheme. Use it to create a professional and attractive gift certificate for your business.

This document is a template for creating a business gift certificate with a blue theme. Use this template to design a professional and stylish gift certificate for your business.

This document is a template for creating a business gift certificate with a pink color theme. Use this template to design and personalize gift certificates for your customers or clients.

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