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What Is a Meeting Notice?

As the name itself implies, a Meeting Notice is a formal announcement of an upcoming meeting to the people attending this meeting. It is widespread among shareholders, partners, members, or other parties who are involved in running a business or organization. For this reason, it is sometimes called a Meeting Notice of Board of Directors or a notice of the meeting of shareholders. It can be mandatory in cases when official organizational action is taken during the meeting, to send this notice to the shareholders or directors. This document serves as the notice and can be used as proof that notice was provided in case of a possible dispute.

Browse through our Meeting Notice templates below if you need to send a notification to shareholders of a company to inform them of a time, date, and location of a shareholder meeting. Select from a variety of forms to invite potential meeting participants and inform them of the details of the meeting. 

The notice should be sent at least seven days in advance to the date of the meeting to allow the members to prepare for the agenda and plan their time.

What Is Agenda and Minutes of a Meeting?

These are normally sent along with the notice of the meeting. An agenda is a statement of tasks or assignments to be discussed at the meeting. It has a format of a list of meeting activities. The minutes and decisions are taken thereafter. The agenda and the minutes are taken in the order in which they are to be taken up, from the call to order and to adjournment of the meeting. To write effective meeting minutes do not forget to include the following items:

  • Names of the participants;
  • What is on the agenda;
  • Deadlines or due dates;
  • Actions or tasks;
  • Decisions the participants came to;
  • Most important points underlined;
  • Future decisions.

These documents are prepared for a meeting, during, or after the meeting to provide an update or to undertake a particular course of action. They set out the cause and purpose of any recommended decision. The information diffused can include legal advice, business or financial implications and any other issues relevant to the organization.

What Is the Difference Between a Notice of Meeting and an Agenda?

Sometimes these two terms get confused, albeit they are not at all the same, even though both concepts are used in business English to denote written records relating to official corporate meetings. A Meeting Notice is an announcement that is used to inform the eligible members to attend a meeting while an Agenda is a list, an outline or a plan of matter to be discussed at a meeting.

An Agenda is part of the proper planning in the absence of which there is always a chance of confusion and chaos throughout the meeting.



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