Free GURPS Character Sheet Templates

GURPS Character Sheet: What Is It?

A GURPS Character Sheet is a detailed description of a roleplaying game character prepared to explore the background of a character, elaborate on their skills and traits, and introduce them to GURPS players.

Alternate Name:

  • Generic Universal RolePlaying System.

It serves as a guide for the fictional character controlled by the player helping them and people that participate in the game alongside the creator to understand the place of the character in the story and their contribution to the story you are bringing to life.

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How to Make a GURPS Character?

Follow these instructions to complete a fillable GURPS Character Sheet and create your own imaginary person or entity:

  1. Figure out the main features of the character - their name, race, age, gender, and physical attributes . Draw the character in the blank space left for this purpose - you can focus on the distinguishing characteristics you consider the most important for their appearance or outfit. List the languages they speak, assign points to the traits they demonstrate best such as intelligence, willpower, and perception, and briefly indicate their background - what culture they belong to and what is naturally familiar to them.
  2. Customize the character with the help of advantages and disadvantages - qualities that will be considered their strong points and weaknesses . For instance, the first category may refer to combat reflexes, eidetic memory, and pain tolerance while the character will lose points when it comes to their bad temper, compulsiveness, and recurring nightmares.
  3. Work on the skills and expertise of the character - abilities they have when the game starts and knowledge they obtain as time passes . For example, the character can start with an average understanding of biology improving with the progression of the game sequence while having no rivals in geography - the knowledge of the terrain and climate or the regional characteristics of different areas.
  4. Outline the armor the character wears (you have an opportunity to ensure safety for all body parts at once) and explain how well they are able to parry enemy attacks . Describe different types of weapons they possess, specify the damage that can be inflicted with every item, indicate the cost of these weapons, and write down the points to demonstrate the skills of the character.
  5. Record the belongings of the character and the amount of money they have at their disposal . These possessions include weapons, armor, various gear, and accessories so be smart with the distribution of points.
  6. Add the remarks and comments about the character that do not fit other sections of the sheet - you may discuss your GURPS character creation with the members of your team in order to decide how to move forward with them and write down their concerns or opinions regarding the character. Provide the summary of the character via points you calculate taking into account all their abilities listed in the sheet.

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This document for creating a simplified version of character sheets for the Burps role-playing game, which is an alternative to the GURPS system.

This document is a template for creating and tracking characters in the GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System) game. It allows players to record various attributes, skills, and abilities of their characters.

This document is a colored emblem for a GURPS character sheet.

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