Free Star Wars Character Sheet Templates

Star Wars Character Sheet: What Is It?

A Star Wars Character Sheet refers to the creation of a character for several role-playing games based on the Star Wars series. In total, there are three role-playing games for Star Wars fans to get themselves involved in and upon creation of a persona, players can join an online role-playing game where they can play and compete against other players.

Alternate Name:

  • Star Wars RPG Character Sheet.

Although all of the games are linked in some way, each game has a slightly different focus and they are set in different times with each separate role-playing game having their own core rulebook which explains everything that a new player would need to know. 

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The purpose of the character sheet is to create a profile of a person which in turn will be used in this series of RPGs. These sheets can look similar across all three games as they should all roughly contain the same information about a character. Some of the main points are outlined below:

  • A score for skills and abilities of the character;
  • A description of the character, including their species and what they look like; 
  • Additional traits should be scored, for example, intellect;
  • A list of abilities is outlined which ought to be chosen and rated;
  • Any weapons and the damage they can cause are also listed separately.

Star Wars Character Sheet Template Types 

  • An Edge of the Empire Character Sheet is utilized to create a persona for the Edge of the Empire RPG, which is the first in its series. The created persona can then be incorporated into the game in accordance with the guides and can be played using an online platform;
  • A Star Wars Age of Rebellion Character Sheet allows an individual to create a character for the second RPG in the Star Wars series, the sequel to the first installment. As it is a continuation from part 1 of the series, it is recommended to start the games in order;
  • A Force and Destiny Character Sheet gives the fan of the game the opportunity to customize another persona for the third and final installment of the RPG. This game has a slightly different focus and the setting is in a different time.

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