Interview Rating Sheets

Interview Rating Sheets are used to assess and evaluate the performance of candidates during interviews. These sheets typically include a set of criteria or competencies that are relevant to the position being interviewed for. Interviewers use these sheets to rate and provide feedback on various aspects of the candidate's performance, such as their qualifications, skills, experience, communication, and overall suitability for the role. It helps to have a standardized and objective way to evaluate candidates and make informed decisions in the hiring process.




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This form is used for providing feedback on professional development activities in the Columbia School District in Montana.

This form is used for providing feedback on a manager's performance during an assessment.

This form is used for providing feedback and evaluating performance in mock interviews conducted by the Academy of Business.


This Form is used for providing feedback on a job interview.

This document is used to rate and assess the application of the motivational interviewing technique in a counseling or therapy session. It helps to evaluate the effectiveness of the interviewer in guiding and encouraging behavior change and motivation in the client.

This form is used for rating interviews conducted by counselors at North Carolina State University.

This document is used for rating job interview performances. It is a form where interviewers can evaluate candidates based on various criteria.

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