Personal Letter Templates and Samples

A Personal Letter is an informal message that typically concerns personal matters. Usually written to family members or friends or drafted when there is no need to comply with a certain set of rules, this statement does not have any legal force and will not be reproduced anywhere - share your feelings, thoughts, and ideas with the recipient. You can use Personal Letter samples for reference when you reach out to someone you care about or want to fix an issue highlighting its significance for you or personalize a ready-made document when conveying your own point of view.

Personal Letter Types

  • Intervention Letter Template. If you cannot plan an intervention meeting to address substance abuse or a different form of addiction, you can express your feelings in writing with the help of this document. Tell the recipient how their harmful habit has changed your life for the worse and show them your support before they even start the rehabilitation process;
  • A Sample Letter to Someone in Rehab can be used to reach out to an individual who goes through stages of rehabilitation to deal with their addiction. If the person is coping with the problem on their own or is currently hospitalized, you can help them with your kind words of love and support;
  • Sample Letter to Husband to Save Marriage. Let your partner know you are apologizing for the mistakes of the past, show him your determination to make things right, and give another chance to your relationship;
  • Sample Letter to Wife to Save Marriage. Often prepared in the course of couple therapy, this statement will show your spouse you still care about her and are willing to fight for your marriage and family;
  • Goodbye Letter to Addiction Template. If you decided to break a bad habit and live an addiction-free life, a letter you will be able to read in the future and remind yourself of the positive impact your choice will have on your physical and mental health can be part of your healing;
  • A Letter From My Addiction Template is prepared by a person who has been struggling with substance abuse or gambling and wants to tackle the issue by examining the negative consequences of their addiction from the point of view of the habit itself;
  • Letter to the Editor Template. You can submit an article or an opinion to the newspaper or magazine editor asking them to share your ideas with the public or correct the mistakes they have made in their former issues.

How to Format a Personal Letter?

Here are some tips for you if you are planning to use one of the Personal Letter templates or to draft your own message from scratch:

  1. Use conversational and casual writing. When talking to someone you know and trust, you may include jokes, anecdotes, and stories from your past to engage the reader and make an even bigger impact by sharing feelings that come directly from your heart.
  2. If you are composing a letter to reread and update it later as a part of your spiritual journey or you are going to give a letter to a loved one, you should write it by hand instead of typing it. Otherwise, a typed letter is appropriate but make sure you refer to the addressee by their name and sign the note.
  3. While there is no uniform Personal Letter format, try not to overwhelm the recipient with an excessively long wall of text. Any letter should contain a greeting introducing the person who wrote the document, a body part that includes several paragraphs (often with bullet points), and a closing that reiterates the main points of the statement and proposes further communication and discussion.



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This type of letter acts as a means of communication between a newspaper and the public when an individual would like to share their outlook on certain articles published in the newspaper.

When a person is undergoing treatment or wants to break away from an addiction, a helpful task can be writing a letter from their addiction to better face the issues they are facing.

An individual may prepare this type of informal note when they need closure after deciding to cut ties with the addiction - alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.

By writing a letter such as this each person can express how an individual's substance abuse issues are affecting them personally and it can help keep their thoughts on track during an emotionally painful meeting.

A person may prepare a letter such as this when they want to show their affection and support to their relative or friend who is currently trying to overcome their addiction in a rehabilitation center.

If you are having severe difficulties trying to save your marriage this type of letter can be useful when you want to express your feelings towards your husband.

This is a personal note drafted by a person who wants to reconnect with their wife and give another chance to a struggling marriage.

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