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What Is a Dinner Invitation?

A Dinner Invitation is a formal or informal request prepared for the person whose presence will be expected at a social gathering that involves an evening meal and spending time together.

Alternate Name:

  • Dinner Party Invitation.

Whether you are planning a small party for your family members and close friends or organizing an event for your colleagues or business partners, sending invitations is a crucial part of the arrangements - you need to know who will join the party and let the future guests know when and where they should arrive. Besides, an eye-catching invitation is an effective tool that will capture the attention of the recipient and increase your chances to see them at your dinner.

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How to Decline a Dinner Invitation?

In case you are wondering how to say "no" to the Dinner Invitation, here are some tips for you:

  1. Reply quickly - do not make the host wait even if the response will upset them, it is better to know in advance an invited person cannot make it.
  2. There is no need to provide a long explanation of the circumstances that prevent you from coming to the dinner - a simple "Unfortunately, I have a previous engagement" would be enough whether you are close with the host or not.
  3. If you received a formal Dinner Invitation or you know the host will arrange food catering or cook for the guests, it is better to compose a formal reply and use the same means of communication the sender has used - either traditional mail or e-mail.
  4. Consider sending a present for the host especially if it is a birthday dinner or they gather their loved ones to celebrate an achievement - if you send flowers with a greeting card, you will definitely please the recipient even though you are absent at the event.

How to Accept a Dinner Invitation?

Once you received a Dinner Party Invitation and decided you are able to go to the celebration in question, respond to the sender:

  1. If the invitation you got contains a request to reply in a particular way be it a phone call or e-mail letter you send to the dinner host, make sure you follow the instructions. Besides, you should also respect the deadline indicated in writing - if there is no deadline, reply within a few days or a week.
  2. An acceptance of the invitation sent to you by a friend can be casual - even a text would do. However, an invitation sent by the individual you know professionally - a colleague, boss, or business partner - must be treated appropriately: tell the other person you are deeply honored by their invitation and are accepting it kindly. Thank them and state your job title if this is a dinner organized for one or several companies.
  3. In case the invitation does not list any directions to the residence of the host or the establishment where the party will be held and you think you may get lost, express your concern in the note you send and wait for clarification.

How to Write a Dinner Invitation?

Here is how you should draft a welcoming Dinner Invitation:

  1. Write down the title of the invitation - "Dinner Party", "Dinner & Drinks", or "Join us for a Dinner Party".
  2. Address the recipient by their first name if you have a personal relationship or use titles and last names if the invited individual is your colleague or business partner. The Dinner Invitation wording is typically simple and straightforward - say the pleasure of the addressee's company is requested.
  3. State the date, time, and location of the dinner. A Dinner Invitation Message should also explain how to reach the venue in question which is important if the recipients have never been there - alternatively, the back of the card may include a small map or list the public transportation the guests will be able to use.
  4. Ask the potential guest to respond within a few days, a week, or a month - depending on the day of the dinner. Give them your contact details and inform the recipient when you can reply to their phone calls if applicable.
  5. Decorate the card or letter the way you like - you may opt for a regular shape of a greeting card or make a rectangular invitation that includes relevant information on both sides and you can use any color scheme you prefer - although, a formal invitation should not be too bright. In general, white or beige paper, calligraphy fonts, and minimalistic design are the ideas you can implement and be sure the invitation is presentable.

What to Take to a Dinner Invitation?

It is recommended to bring a gift for the dinner host even if the Invitation Message for Dinner does not contain requests for any presents:

  1. A dinner at someone's house is a perfect opportunity to use gifts appropriate in any situation - flowers or a bottle of wine. The flowers will be a beautiful addition to the place right away while the beverage can be shared with guests or saved for a future dinner.
  2. If you are invited to a housewarming party, you should buy items necessary for any household. While the host and their family may have already purchased many things they will need in their new house or apartment, you cannot miss if you gift them towels, photo frames, silverware or stemware, bath and shower sets, or homemade food you have cooked or baked yourself.
  3. Find out what the host wants in advance - they may have shared their wishlist online or prepared a registry their friends and acquaintances can check. Alternatively, ask people close to the host what would they like to receive as a gift and surprise the person that invited you when you arrive at their house.

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