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What Is a Lunch Invitation?

If you want to host a special lunch party, before drafting up your menu you should start by creating an elegant Lunch Invitation.

Alternate Name:

  • Luncheon Invitation.

Although you may think nothing of it, creating an invitation is actually a very important part of the process. It should provide the recipient with all of the necessary information they will need for the party and how to prepare for it. This could include information on the dress code (if there is one) or what sort of activities to expect at the party. The beauty of an invitation to lunch is that you don’t necessarily need to mail it. Using email to send an invitation is perfectly acceptable, particularly if you are holding a professional and formal lunch for which case you may decide to send a Business Lunch Invitation.

In the invitations themselves, there are certain formalities that must be accounted for in terms of content and design. That is why we recommend using one of our editable templates to create an original invitation for lunch. They are perfect for every lunch occasion, be it formal or informal.

For a full list of Lunch Invitation templates please feel free to check out our library below.

How to Write a Lunch Invitation Email?

When drafting an email for a Lunch Invitation, the structure will differ slightly from those sent by mail. If you have decided that email is the best and most convenient option for you, take into account our tips and hints below to ensure that you do not miss any important information:

  • Include the date, time, and event in the subject of the email. That way when the recipient receives the email, even prior to opening it they will know what the email will be about;
  • Open with a salutation. Of course, this will depend on your relationship with the recipient. Consider whether or not you should open formally or informally. This will also usually depend on the nature of the lunch itself;
  • Be direct. In the opening sentence you should state that the individual is invited to lunch, the date of this lunch as well as the time and of course – the location;
  • If there is any other important information such as who else will be present at the party or if anything needs to be brought along with the guest, you should state this towards the end of the email;
  • If there is a specific plan for the meeting, you may attach it as a separate document to the email;
  • Sign off including a closing phrase and your signature. Proofread the email and send it.

How to Politely Decline a Lunch Invitation?

It will not always be possible for you to attend a special lunch after being invited, so the declining reply must be written correctly in order for it to be polite and not to offend the host. No matter if you were invited verbally, by email, or by mail you should follow this general structure for declining a Lunch Invitation:

  • Show that you are thankful for the invitation;
  • Apologize for not being able to attend the lunch and outline the reason for this. Perhaps you already have plans for this time that you cannot postpone;
  • If you do genuinely want to attend, you should state this and offer them an opportunity to meet up at a later date when it will be convenient for both parties;
  • However, if you have received an invitation with an RSVP, you must fill this in and mail it back. In this instance, you are not required to explain the reason for your absence.

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This document is a lunch invitation template featuring a design with roses.

This document is a lunch invitation template with a pink theme. Use it to create invitations for a lunch event.

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