Beneficiary Form Templates

Beneficiary forms are used to designate who will receive assets or benefits from certain accounts or policies after the account holder's or policyholder's death. These forms allow individuals to specify the person or entity that they want to inherit their assets or receive their benefits. By completing a beneficiary form, individuals can ensure that their assets or benefits are distributed according to their wishes.




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This form is used for designating a TOD (Transfer on Death) beneficiary in the state of Wisconsin.

This form is used for designating beneficiaries for a retirement plan, life insurance policy, or other types of financial accounts.

This form is used for adding or updating beneficiaries for Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) Supplemental coverage. This document is provided by the Prudential Insurance Company of America.


This Form is used for designating beneficiaries for Celarity, Inc.

This form is used for specifying beneficiaries for your Ohio Deferred Compensation account in Ohio.

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