Free Budget Templates and Spreadsheets

What Is a Budget Template?

Budget planning allows you to determine how much you are really spending, decide where you can save and if some reorganization of funds is due. A budget — alternatively referred to as an "Estimate" — is an approximate calculation of any expected costs in comparison to incoming funds. Finances can be difficult to manage, but with some help, you can set timelines, track progress, and keep all details organized while taking all of the necessary paperwork into account. Download our printable budget templates to manage your finances at work or at home while reducing debt.

Alternate Name:

  • Spending Plan.

The most common types of at-home budget spreadsheets include the following:

  1. Business Budget Template.
  2. Household Budget Template.
  3. Personal Budget Template.
  4. Startup Budget Template.
  5. Weekly Budget Template.
  6. Monthly Budget Template.

What Are the Different Types of Budgets?

There are several types of budgets according to the function it serves:

  1. A preliminary budget is prepared initially to find out the approximate cost of a project or an undertaking.
  2. An approximate quantity method budget is a rough estimate prepared to quickly calculate an approximate cost and is usually used for budgeting construction projects.
  3. A detailed budget is a very accurate type of estimate, where the cost of each item of work is counted separately.
  4. A revised budget is prepared when the original estimate value is significantly exceeded.
  5. A supplementary budget is used when additional work is required during the process of the original work.

A personalized budget worksheet allows you to see how your spending compares to your income. The worksheet should contain a breakdown of your expenditures — including the monthly total for housing expenses, the money spent on food, transportation, health, personal spending, and other payments, and a monthly total of income — paychecks and other income, both after taxes. Keeping a clear-headed outlook of the money you spend will give a realistic true image of your personal cash flow, which will, in turn, allow you to make better financial decisions.

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This document is a way for a startup business to assess all of the costs necessary to open their business based on income and expenses.

Any individual may use this type of financial plan to manage their income in line with necessary expenses, debt payments, and savings.


Individuals may use this type of budget template as an approximate estimate of the income and expenses of a particular week or several weeks at the same time.

This type of template is a written statement that indicates the estimated income of an individual, household, or organization, organizes the finances, and allows the person who created it to stay on top of all expenses over the course of a monthly period.

This template acts as an estimate of a company's revenue, expenses, and investments over a week, month, or year.

This worksheet helps individuals to project the income and expenses of a particular family household.

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