Fill and Sign Military Standard Forms

What Are Military Standard Forms?

Military Standard (SF) Forms include a series of 21 non-controlled forms released by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and approved for public distribution. Standard Forms are used both governmentwide and within the Department of Defense (DoD) for health-related requests, requesting military records, and other administrative needs.

All OPM-released Standard Forms fulfill the demands that are not satisfied by using any existing DD Forms or publications and are essential for the operation of the Department of Defense. Browse the full scope of printable and fillable DoD Standard Forms by clicking the links below. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your browser or on your desktop to view and edit the fillable forms.

  1. Standard Form 17, Facilities Available for the Construction or Repair of Ships.
  2. Standard Form 76, Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).
  3. Standard Form 76A, Registration and Absentee Ballot Request - Federal Post Card Application (FPCA).
  4. Standard Form 115-A, Request for Records Disposition Authority - Continuation.
  5. Standard Form 153, COMSEC Material Report.
  6. Standard Form 182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training.
  7. Standard Form 186, Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB).
  8. Standard Form 186A, Federal Write-in Absentee BallotElectronic..
  9. Standard Form 298, Report Documentation Page.
  10. Standard Form 320, NS/EP Invocation ReportSent out by the National Communications System (NCS)..
  11. Standard Form 328, Certificate Pertaining to Foreign Interests.
  12. Standard Form 364, Report of Discrepancy (ROD).
  13. Standard Form 509, Medical Record - Progress Notes.
  14. Standard Form 523, Medical Record - Authorization for Autopsy.
  15. Standard Form 603, Health Record - Dental.
  16. Standard Form 603A, Health Record - Dental (Continuation).
  17. Standard Form 1098, Schedule of Canceled or Undelivered Checks.
  18. Standard Form 1149, Statement of Designated Depositary Account.
  19. Standard Form 1150, Record of Leave Data (DoD Exception).
  20. Standard Form 1151, Nonexpenditure Transfer Authorization.
  21. Standard Form 1219, Statement of AccountabilityNot available online..

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This form is used for reporting canceled or undelivered checks. It is used to document check payments that were not received by the intended recipient or were canceled by the payer.

This form is used for authorizing, approving and certifying training programs for government employees. It is necessary for documenting the details of the training, including cost, duration, and agency approval.

This form is used for reporting discrepancies or errors in inventory or supplies. It helps track and document any issues that may arise with the inventory management process.

This form is used for maintaining dental health records of individuals. It helps in keeping track of dental treatments, procedures, and overall oral health.

This form is used for identifying the facilities available for the construction or repair of ships.

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