What Is PS Form 3615 Series?

The PS 3615 Forms are a set of two documents issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The forms are designated as a simple and convenient way to grant the USPS the authorization to use different mailing services. The series is made up of the following two forms:

USPS Mailing Permit

By providing the USPS Mailing Permit, the postal service authorizes a specific postage payment method for commercial mailings. Each type of mailing permit has its own instructions, but you will need to fill out and submit PS Form 3615 to apply for any of them. The form is used to create clear and comprehensive files about the customers using the USPS services, including customers who mail in bulk via meter postage affixed, present plant-verified drop shipment, and are approved for Qualified Business Reply Mail rates. You may use only one form and update it as required. In case the files are stored in different locations, you may use a separate document for each service.

USPS mailing permit fees depend on the type of service you apply for. You may apply for an authorization to mail with a postage meter or pre-cancelled stamps without any fee. However, if you request a permit to mail with a permit imprint, you will have to pay a one-time application fee.

USPS Picture Permit Imprint

‚ÄčThe USPS Picture Permit Imprint Indicia - often referred to as Picture Permit Imprint - is a service offered by the USPS. This service enables organizations to modify their mail by including the custom brand image, logo, or trademark in the Permit Imprint Indicia. It helps to boost the visual impact of the mail, raise brand awareness, and increase the reading rate of the mail. The Picture Permit Imprint is available only for USPS Marketing Mail automation letters, and First-Class Mail automation letters and postcards. The proposed image must be in color and not include any embedded text or numbers.

To request the service, obtain the Permit Indicia first. You can do that by submitting PS Form 3615 and paying the required fee. Additionally, you must be capable to produce a Full-Service Intelligent Mail Barcode. After a brief online registration, you will receive a link to file PS Form 3615-A. This document is short and easy to fill out. It consists of three sections and most of its fields are self-explanatory.

Send the signed copy of PS Form 3615-A to the Program Office (PO) via email. Their email address is provided on the USPS official website. 



PS Form 3615 "Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile"

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Download this form to keep records of the USPS mailing services customers, as well as for records of the permits, samples and fees paid.

PS Form 3615-A "Application for Picture Permit Imprint"

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1 page

Fill out this form to obtain a picture permit imprint authorization for a commercial image and text.