What Is a Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale?

A Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document that outlines information about the legal sale and purchase of the vehicle. Form MV2928, Instructions for Selling a Vehicle is the main document used in Wisconsin to record the details of a motor vehicle transfer. It contains both instructions on selling the vehicle and a bill of sale section the parties may fill out for their records.

Form MV2459, Junked Vehicle Bill of Sale is a related form completed when:

  1. One licensed salvage dealer sells the vehicle to another dealer;
  2. Registered owner sells the vehicle to a licensed salvage dealer;
  3. The insurance company gets rid of the vehicle while surrendering the title to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

There is no legal requirement to draft a bill of sale to sell and buy a vehicle, but you may choose to complete a Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale form to prove ownership of the sold car.

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Form MV2928 "Instructions for Selling a Vehicle" - Wisconsin

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Form MV2928 - or the Wisconsin Vehicle Bill of Sale - is a form released by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and used to record the sales of motor vehicles within the state.

Form MV2459 "Junked Vehicle Bill of Sale" - Wisconsin

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Form MV2459 is a Bill of Sale used to record the transfer of a junked vehicle in the state of Wisconsin.