Free Animal Rental Templates

Interested in renting an animal? Communicating with animals could be good for a person’s health and some doctors offer animal therapy for their patients. Certain types of animals can be complicated to keep at a person's home do this is why going to an animal rental agency can be a viable solution to the prospective animal renter.

Animal rental services - along with property rental, equipment rental, and car rental - help make our life comfortable and worth living. Animal rental is a type of rental service for borrowing an animal from an owner and loaning it to a customer for a certain period of time. The service is usually provided by zoos, farms (for renting livestock), stables, nurseries, pet stores, or specialized companies.

A generic printable Livestock Rental Agreement is available through this link. If you want to rent a horse, use a specially-made Horse Lease Agreement. Due to the fact that horse riding can be traumatic, it is necessary to include a clause that indicates your horse riding skill and safety rules you should take to avoid injury, as well as the responsibility of the lessee in case of injury.

How to Rent an Animal?

Renting an animal implies that you draft a rental agreement. An Animal Rental Agreement is a basic contract that states the facts about the animal to be rented and parties involved in the transaction. It serves as legal evidence in cases when the terms of your agreement are not observed by the renter.

Your contract must, at the very least, cover the following points:

  1. The full names of the owners of the animal and the persons who will be renting it.
  2. A detailed description of the animal.
  3. The care that must be provided for the animal.
  4. The payment schedule for the services and any penalties that may occur.
  5. The procedure of the transfer (delivery and repossession) of the animal. Check that you rent an animal from a fully insured agency and note the insurance certificate for the animal in your agreement. Renting animals from uninsured animal agencies may lead to being a liability.

Sign the document and make copies for each party signing the agreement.

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You may use this document when leasing a horse to put into writing the obligations and responsibilities of each party.

This agreement makes it possible for a farmer to have all of the positives of having a bull, cow, or herd of cattle without needing to pay for the full purchase price.

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