Proof of Funds Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Proof of Funds Letter?

A Proof of Funds Letter is a formal document that confirms you have enough money for a large financial transaction - typically, a purchase of real estate (i.e., a house or apartment). It will serve as evidence and verify you have cash savings for the upcoming transaction which can be crucial in determining whether you are able to buy the chosen property. You can give this statement to the current owner of the estate who will review it along with other documents and will most likely agree to your offer to buy their property. Consider obtaining a Commercial Proof of Funds Letter a week before you submit an offer to purchase to a seller of the real estate to give the financial institution enough time to prepare this statement.

To see all of our Proof of Funds Letter templates you may check out our library below. Each Proof of Funds Letter template can be modified to suit the requirements of the bank or the particular requests of its client.

Proof of Funds Letter Types

  1. Generic Proof of Funds Letter. You may fill out this template to inform a concerned party about the funds a certain individual has in their account. Ask the client whether they need you to include more details in the letter - for instance, financial operations and transactions from the account within a specified period. Additionally, they may want to avoid disclosing negative facts in the letter such as their past debts or bankruptcy issues.
  2. Sample Proof of Funds Letter for Real Estate Purchase. Use this document for reference when drafting an instant Proof of Funds Letter to show the prospective buyer has the money to finance the transaction - you should identify a client and indicate the market value of the account in question.

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This letter confirms that you have enough money for a large financial transaction (like purchasing real estate).

A financial institution may prepare this letter on behalf of a prospective real estate buyer to confirm that they have enough money to finance the purchase of the house, apartment, or commercial property they would like to purchase.

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