Pay for Delete Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Pay for Delete Letter?

A Pay for Delete Letter is a formal document submitted to a collection agency by a current or former debtor with an offer to erase the information about the debt from the credit history and improve the individual's or organization's credit score in exchange for payment. Even if you have dealt with your debts already, your credit report may still show old debts that will not let you qualify for loans and new credit cards - sometimes, collection accounts do not disappear from credit records for months and years. It may even lead to a lawsuit and trial that damages the reputation and credit history of the debtor.

Once you draft a Sample Pay for Delete Letter, you will be able not only to settle the debt but also to clean your credit history. The debt collector will delete information about the debt from the records once your payment clears. Even if you are unable to pay the full amount of the debt, a portion of the money or planned installments may be enough if you reach an agreement with a debt collector. To see our Pay for Delete Letter templates you may check out our library and printable samples below.

Pay for Delete Letter Types

  1. Generic Pay for Delete Letter. Fill out this document to settle a portion of the original debt - you may indicate your own conditions of payment and set a deadline for the reader to respond. Note that this letter does not have to mean an admission of the entire sum of the debt - you are only offering a particular sum of money to avoid future calls and letters from the creditor;
  2. Sample Pay for Delete Letter. You can use this document for reference when discussing a debt settlement with your bank or lender. List the circumstances that will make you agree to pay the recipient a specific sum of money - it is recommended to ask them to delete a debt from their database - and record the day your proposition expires.

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Use this letter to ask a creditor to agree to remove the negative information from your credit report.

Submit this letter to a collection agency to erase information about debt and improve your overall credit score.

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