Sample Pay for Delete Letter

Sample Pay for Delete Letter

If a collections agency is holding debt you owe that could negatively impact your credit score, you have the option to send a Pay for Delete Letter to your credit lender. This letter will serve as a notice to the creditor that you are willing to pay them in return that they absolve you of debts you owe their agency. A Sample Pay for Delete Letter can be found through the link below.

To write a Pay for Delete Letter, include the following information:

  1. Today's date and an opening salutation.
  2. Name and address of the collection agency and agent if possible.
  3. Introductory line explaining why you are writing, your account number, and the amount of debt owed.
  4. In the letter do not agree to claim the debt currently listed by the agency. Instead, explain you are writing to request that the information about your debt not be given to credit bureaus in exchange for an agreed-upon payment.
  5. This letter needs to serve as an offer of terms to the collection agency for a settlement that the debt remaining will be paid in full.
  6. Close by requesting they send a response to your offer.
  7. End with a closing statement, your name, and signature.

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