Form ID1 "Certificate of Identity for a Private Individual" - United Kingdom

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6 pages

Applicants must present this statement when submitting documentation for any property transaction to confirm their identity so they can prove that they are who they say they are.

Form AP1 "Application to Change the Register" - United Kingdom

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6 pages

Owners of registered property or their representatives may use this form when they wish to update their existing register once certain information changes.

Form TP1 "Transfer of Part of Registered Title(S)" - United Kingdom

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This is a legal form prepared by the transferor and the transferee to outline the details of a property transfer if only a part of the previously registered title is going to be transferred.

Form TR1 "Transfer of Whole of Registered Title(S)" - United Kingdom

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Prepare this document to transfer property if it is wholly covered by an already registered title or if the property identified in the deed is subject to registration.

Form PN1 "Application for a Search of the Index of Proprietors' Names" - United Kingdom

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This type of document may be used to find the name of a specific individual in the Land Registry records in order to learn whether they own or mortgage any properties.

Form DJP "Application to Remove From the Register the Name of a Deceased Joint Proprietor" - United Kingdom

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Individuals are supposed to use this form when they want to change the information in a land register under certain circumstances.

Form RX1 "Application to Enter a Restriction" - United Kingdom

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5 pages

Form K10 "Continuation of an Application" - United Kingdom

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