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A Vermont Quitclaim Deed is a formal contract that outlines the details of the property transfer without any title-related warranties or insurances. Often used in transactions between family members, this agreement names the new owner of the property without actually confirming that the grantor has a valid right of ownership - the grantee may find out about third parties' ownership claims in the future. A deal like this one can be finalized quickly and efficiently especially if the grantee knows the grantor and trusts them to be the true owner of the property. A quitclaim deed should identify the parties by their names and addresses, briefly describe the property in question, indicate its price, and certify the grantor's intention to transfer the title to the grantee. To make sure the agreement is valid, the grantor must sign the document in the presence of a notary public. 

You can find a Vermont Quitclaim Deed template below - this generic template can be used for any property, including real estate. Note that the parties involved in the transfer of a mobile home have to complete Form PVR-2606Q, Mobile Home Quitclaim Deed, released by the Vermont Department of Taxes.



Form PVR-2606Q "Mobile Home Quitclaim Deed" - Vermont

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"Quitclaim Deed Form" - Vermont

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