What Is a Picnic Invitation?

Picnics are the perfect occasion to take advantage of the spring and summer sun, spending time with family and friends, enjoying outdoor activities, and eating good food. A Picnic Invitation is a formal invite to a picnic party that is typically printed on a card and sent via regular mail. There is always the option to save the trees and send the invite electronically. 

Alternate Name:

  • Picnic Party Invitation.

Similar to birthday party invitations, Picnic Party Invitations usually have a design or theme that matches that of the party. If you are short on picnic invitation ideas, just use something you enjoy! Whether you are interested in anime, the Victorian era, or Marvel movies, you can tailor the food items, dress code, and location of the party to fit your idea! 

For a full list of Picnic Invitation templates please check out our library below.

How to Make a Picnic Invitation?

Making a Picnic Invitation is super easy! Be sure to scroll through our templates in our library! There you may find one that is perfect for your theme. If not, our library is also a great resource for coming up with ideas. If you would like to make your own Picnic Party Invitation or already have your template, be sure to have all the necessary components of a Picnic Invitation. An invitation should include the following:

  1. A nice design that matches your picnic idea. 
    • The design can be as simple or complex as you’d like. Just make sure it is legible.
  2. A title and picnic invitation message.
    • The title lets everyone know it is a picnic. It helps if it tells guests what type of picnic it is. If this is an anime picnic, the title may be “Annual Cosplaying Picnic”. Guests know it is a picnic, and they are to dress in cosplay;
    • The Picnic Invitation Message is like a welcoming message. It can be as simple as, “You’re Invited!” or something more specific like, “A Day of Friendship, Anime, and Good Eats”. It is up to you. 
  3. All the details guests need. 
    • The date; 
    • Time;
    • Location;
    • How to RSVP if they need to;
    • If it is BYOB, a potluck, or if they can bring a plus one.  
  4. Choose the material you would like your Picnic Party Invitation printed on. 
    • Depending on the type of paper you choose, the quality and strength of your invitation will vary. If your picnic is a month or so away, consider choosing a premium or deluxe paper so that they can take more damage before being ruined. 
  5. Choose the finish of your Picnic Invitation.
    • Depending on where you go to get your invitations printed, you will have a plethora of options to give your invitations that final touch; 
    • A few common finishes are Matte, Gloss, and Uncoated. A Matte finish will give your cards a low sheen but with vibrant colors. A Gloss finish will be shiny and make any colors pop. An Uncoated finish will give your card a natural texture and provide a softer and warmer look.

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