Free Tattoo Gift Certificate Templates

What Is a Tattoo Gift Certificate?

A Tattoo Gift Certificate is a voucher bought at a tattoo shop that can be exchanged at that place for a tattoo of the value indicated in writing.

Alternate Name:

  • Tattoo Gift Card.

Consider offering this item to your clients - they can use the certificate to encourage a tattoo enthusiast to have another tattoo or surprise a loved one who needed help with the choice of a tattoo parlor or artist before having their first tattoo.

To select a perfect Tattoo Gift Certificate template for your customers, please check out our library of templates below.

How to Make a Tattoo Gift Certificate?

Follow these steps to create a Tattoo Gift Card:

  1. Determine the size of the certificate. Depending on the information you plan to include when drafting the template, you may pick the size of the credit card or postcard - the latter option may be preferable if you offer a gift card during the holiday season: it will serve as a present and can be presented or sent in an envelope.
  2. If a tattoo parlor employs many artists and they offer different tattoo styles and prices, yet you want to give the certificate purchaser a choice among all of them at once, prepare a blank Tattoo Gift Certificate template - you can print it out at any time and indicate the name of the artist chosen by the customer and the value of the certificate.
  3. When it comes to the embellishment of the Tattoo Gift Card, it depends on the parlor. The colors, the patterns, the examples of the best tattoo art the tattoo shop or specific artists offer - it is up to you to choose memorable ornaments and drawings that will catch the eye of the person that buys the certificate and the individual who receives it as a gift. You should include the logo of the tattoo parlor and use the reverse side of the certificate to insert the tattoo designs in order to showcase the range of styles the future client will be able to choose from.
  4. There is no need to include too many details in the certificate - basically, you should indicate the name of the document and draw several blank lines - "to", "from", "amount", "name of the artist", "expiration date". Not only the terms can be negotiated with any person that comes to the shop, but also you will avoid printing certificates that cannot be used because they expire or a certain artist suddenly leaves the parlor.
  5. Do not forget to record the contact information - the telephone number and address of the tattoo shop and links to your social media to promote your establishment and let the prospective client select a design before they visit the parlor. If you have free space left on the back of the certificate, you can insert a small map that shows how to find you easily.

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This type of document is a beige-colored template for a tattoo gift certificate.

This type of document is a gift certificate template specifically designed for tattoo gifts. It features a pink color scheme.

This document provides a printable template for a gift certificate that can be used for a tattoo. The design features a grey color scheme.

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