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Sports Registration Form: What Is It?

A Sports Registration Form is used for individuals (mainly students) to sign up and register to take part in a particular sport. The form seeks to collect all necessary information about a player or potential player that has expressed interest in joining a sports club or team.

The information that is usually requested in the form consists of the following points:

  • The full name of the player registering;
  • The date of birth of the individual registering for the sport;
  • The current place of study along with information about the course;
  • Information about the current team that the player is on or maybe any previous experience;
  • If the player has a preference to play in a certain position, they should also state this in the registration form;
  • The form will also request the personal details and contact details of at least one parent or legal guardian. This will include their full name, contact telephone number and address. This is done in case of an emergency so that they can be reached promptly.

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Sports Registration Form Types

Depending on the sport, some registration forms may differ slightly and request other additional information which could help a coach decide on where to best place you on the team.

  • Football Registration Form – if an individual has expressed a wish to take part in football, they should fill in this registration form where they may also be asked about their height, weight and their 40-yard dash timing;
  • Golf Registration Form – for those that want to give golf a good crack, you might even be asked to select a team to play for along with the standard personal information questions;
  • Youth Sports Registration Form – used to register students to athletics events and sports that are organized and carried out by the school. Here you might be asked for sport preferences along with questions concerning your clothing sizes.

If there are any fees associated with the sport, this must be clearly stated on the registration form with room for parents to state which payment method would be more convenient for them.

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This form is used for registering youth players with US Club Soccer.

Young people and students may use this type of form to register their interest to take part in a particular sport.

This is a document used to register the interest of an individual or team to play a golf tournament.

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