Youth Sports Registration Form

Youth Sports Registration Form

Youth Sports Registration Form: What Is It?

Youth Sports Registration is a process in which students register their interest to take part in a particular sport. For them to do so, they will need to fill in a Youth Sports Registration Form. The main purpose of the form is to collect information concerning:

  • The personal information of the student including their full name and contact details;
  • Details about the school that the student attends and the class that they are in;
  • Contact details of the student's parents or other legal guardian that can easily be contacted should there be such a requirement;
  • The specific skills that a student has which may be useful in a particular sport, or possibly information on former experience;
  • The interests of the student. Perhaps they have some form of preferences or a particular sporting field that they are interested in;
  • The availability of the student. It may well be that the student has other commitments outside of the classroom such as other school clubs that they already attend. Their availability may automatically make them not suitable for particular sport clubs as their timetables are generally fixed and are not flexible.

Additionally, you may also want to specify the clothing size of the student to ensure that they are given a uniform (should this be required) in the correct size. There may also be registration fees that should be clearly described within.

A Youth Sports Registration Form can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

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