Free Tournament Bracket Templates

What Is a Tournament Bracket?

A Tournament Bracket refers to an internal structure of a competitive event. Usually looking like a diagram, graph, or table, this tool will be useful for the person that wants to play a friendly tournament with others and the organizing committee of a major sporting event ahead of the scheduled competition. It is crucial to decide on the schedule of the tournament and notify the participants about the number of rounds or game days they will have to go through to become a finalist that fights for the title of a winner, a prestigious award, and often a significant sum of money. Figure out how much time you can devote to the event in question and who will be involved in your tournament by making a personalized Tournament Bracket.

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Tournament Bracket Template Types

  • Double Elimination Bracket. Fill out this Tournament Bracket template if the organizing committee believes in giving second chances to the teams - even after a loss in the first round, they will get an opportunity to reach the final since the tournament is divided into two sections;
  • A Single Elimination Bracket is the best option for tournaments with numerous teams and individual players competing for the prize - it means the loss in a single game eliminates the participant who does not get a second shot to take the road to the final;
  • Round Robin Tournament Templates. For any tournament to have the fairest possible outcome, all participants have to prove their strength against different opponents, seasoned professionals and aspiring beginners - choose a suitable Bracket template from this category to let the competitors play against everyone you have invited;
  • A Football Squares Template will entertain you during the Super Bowl - gather your family and friends to place your bets on the correct score for every quarter of the game and enter the predictions in the document.

How to Make a Tournament Bracket?

Follow these instructions to make a Bracket for the upcoming competition:

  1. Determine what format is the most reasonable for your tournament - for instance, if the rounds are relatively short, it would make sense to hold many events on the same day and let the participants face each other to determine the winner that is able to defeat most of their rivals.
  2. Complete a blank Tournament Bracket template. The contents will be different depending on the platform you use to share it later - for example, a bracket on your website can function as an interactive schedule letting the user know more about the teams, venues, and rules of the tournament while a graph for social media can be simplified and only include the details about the competitors and the dates of the upcoming events.
  3. Decorate the diagram or table. In case you are making a public announcement posting an advertisement online or designing a poster to be visible from a long distance, it is essential to pick striking colors and large font sizes. Insert badges, symbols, drawings, and patterns most people will instantly recognize - however, ensure you are not distracting them from the main message of your bracket which is the schedule of the rounds or games.

How to Run a Bracket Tournament?

Here is what you need to do when organizing a bracket tournament:

  1. Inform the potential participants about the event. If you do not know who will be happy to show up, send personal invitations and notify the general audience about the competition and its main rules - the individuals and established teams alike will reach out to you to find out more.
  2. Schedule the rounds or games. Even if you are unable to predict when certain competitors will be expected to play or perform, it is necessary to provide them with a precise timeline of the entire competition so that other events are not canceled for the sake of your tournament.
  3. Conduct a draw. Once all the participants have confirmed their willingness to fight for the title or prize, you can announce the first round of games or separate them into groups. It is up to you to choose a random draw or pair experienced competitors with underdogs using a rating system.
  4. Promote the tournament among your friends or acquaintances, students of your college, colleagues at work, the population of your area, or anyone who is interested - the latter is easier online. Besides, when you tell the potential spectators about the large tournament, you can also open the ticket sales generating income for the organizing committee, every individual employed to make the competition happen, and the teams.
  5. Calculate and announce the money prizes the winner and other participants will receive - alternatively, you may offer valuable items or vouchers to motivate the competitors to apply and take part in your tournament.

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This document provides a template for a 6-team double elimination tournament bracket. It helps organizers plan and track the progress of the tournament, ensuring fair competition and determining the ultimate winner.

This template involves a total of eight teams that need to play each other in a Round Robin-style tournament.

This document provides a template for a blind draw 5 team double elimination bracket. It is used for organizing and tracking a tournament where teams compete against each other in a series of matches. The bracket template ensures that each team has multiple chances to advance in the tournament.

This document is a template for a 19-team single elimination bracket. It provides a visual layout for organizing and tracking the progress of a tournament where 19 teams compete in a knockout format until only one team is left standing.

This document is a template for organizing a single elimination tournament with 16 teams. It provides a structure for conducting matches and determining a champion through successive rounds of elimination.

An individual may use this type of template to manage a 16 Team Single Elimination competition.

This document template is used for organizing an 8 team consolation tournament.

This type of template is created by individuals organizing a tournament with six teams.

This template refers to a diagram that lists the rounds or games of a particular tournament with sixteen participants invited to join in order to win various prizes and the main trophy.

Individuals may use this type of template when they plan on organizing a tournament with a small number of players.

This template is used to separate four competitors into two groups - winners and losers - with every eliminated contestant joining the latter category when they lose one game or round.

This type of template can be used for a Double Elimination Bracket with 7 teams or players.

This template is used in order to lay out the draw for a tournament with eight teams using the double elimination system.

This type of template is used by 10 teams or players to help manage a Double Elimination tournament.

This type of template can be used to help manage a 12 Team Double Elimination competition.

This type of template is used by organizers of a tournament that have a total of nine players or teams.

This template is used in Double Elimination competitions that feature 5 teams or players.

This template is used when a tournament is being planned with just four teams where a single elimination means that after just one loss, a team will be knocked out of the tournament.

This is a tournament format chosen to determine the winner among five participants - with a single loss, a competitor is unable to win the main prize, and the eventual champion remains undefeated.

This type of template can be used when a single elimination competition is being organized with six teams.

This template is used in a competition format that implies an undefeated road to the final for both teams that face each other to get the main trophy or award.

This type of template is used to organize an 8 Team Single Elimination Tournament.

This type of tournament template is used to determine the winner among nine competitors.

This template can be used for a competition that implies every team out of ten that starts the tournament will have to reach the final round without losing on the way.

This template uses a tournament format for 11 teams that consists of single rounds played between two teams that face each other with the winner advancing further and the loser leaving home without a chance to win.

When organizing a tournament with twelve teams, this type of template should be used by the organizers to help plan the event.

This template is used as a type of competition format which means all five participants will have a chance to face each other to determine the winner capable of overcoming all their opponents one by one.

This type of template involves four teams that face each other in a 4 Team Round Robin Tournament.

The format of this type of template involves six teams which will play each other at least once, irrespective of whether or not there was a loss.

This template refers to the internal structure of the competitive event where all seven teams are allowed to play an equal number of rounds or games facing each other one by one to determine the strongest.

This document is a 100 square grid football template. It can be used to create a betting game for the Super Bowl or other football events.

This document is a template for a 50-square grid for a football game. Enter the names of players or teams to track scores and progress during the game.

This document is a 10 Line Football Squares Template. It is used for organizing and tracking bets or team assignments for a football game, such as the Super Bowl. The template is divided into a grid with 10 rows and 10 columns, allowing participants to place their names or numbers in each square. Each square represents a potential combination of scores for the two teams playing. This template makes it easy to keep track of the scores and determine winners. It is a popular tool for friendly betting games among friends, family, or coworkers during football season.

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